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Sea of thieves

Yo-ho, yo-ho a pirate’s life for me! Enlist a crew, raise the anchor and set sail in this expansive open world title from renowned game studio – Rare. I remember seeing the trailer for this game when visitig EBExpo last year and have been intrigued ever since. Labelled a Pirate MMO, Sea of Thieves boasts, “Everything you need to live ... Read More »

Beyond the Con #3 Mid March 2018

Beyond The Con #3   We’re barrelling through March at a rapid rate and loving every minute of it so far. Other than a few jitters about Stan Lee’s health, (see below) it’s all coming up Millhouse. I’m getting pretty excited about Ironfest creeping ever closer. But there’s still a few smaller events to catch before heading to the mountains ... Read More »

Neko Nation Sydney 2018

Without talking LOLspeak throughout this article and turn into a neko, I haven’t ventured into nightclubs for years. On a typical Saturday night, you have an array of nightclubs. Be it raves, R’n’B, rock, live bands – anything to let your hair down and dance the night away -Nya! But this clubbing scene is like no other. Neko Nation is ... Read More »

Beyond The Con #2 – A round up of Pop Culture news and views.

#2 Early March 2018 Another week another scrambled mess of a news feed full of school shootings, rave reviews of Black Panther and failed attempts at a social life. Nevertheless, we have all made it through to the begining of March somehow. While its not clear how close we are to anything BIG happening, but we know the ball should ... Read More »

Black Panther Movie Review

Opening with a huge box office superhero movie and a epic debut that welcomes him to the Marvel Cinemagtic Universe, Black Panther kicking down doors in multiplexes all around the world and wowing audiences that range from wide eyed kids being taken to their first blockbuster, seasoned fans to entire families wondering what all the fuss is about. This sure exceeded ... Read More »

Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy Open Day Gallery

Photography by Jason of Norrie Photography Read More »

Beyond the Con #1

Beyond the Con #1 Late February 2018   Your weekly breakdown of the latest news and happenings in the cosplay and popculture world.  Kicking off with a look at some of the happenings in the Marvel world and a couple of hiccups in some recent conventions in Sydney. Heroes 1. Press Play New events for Adelaide and Perth to make up ... Read More »

EVENT EXCLUSIVE: Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy

With convention season open once again, so too are the annual festivals and events. Nothing excite me more then to see events – big and small – can have a huge social impact in a positive light. The Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy is no ordinary training school and it doesn’t matter if you’re a bigger Star Wars fan or ... Read More »

Convention Review: Walker Stalker Australia – Sydney 2018

On the weekend of the third and fourth of February, Sydney, Australia was lucky enough to have the debut of the worldwide convention known as Walker Stalker. Walker Stalker is a convention that garners a lot of attention in the United States. This is due to the fact it services one of the biggest fandoms and shows being aired right ... Read More »

Rooster Teeth 2018

Rooster Teeth is a growing media company from Texas that produces podcasts, web series and anime for a global community of very loyal fans. Like REALLY loyal.  So much so they have their own annual expo – known as RTX – which provides a meeting point for friends who may have known each other for years online as avatars or ... Read More »