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Zedtown Outbreak Sydney 2015: Handsome Pat’s experience

Imagine a zombie outbreak, the entire world has gone down in flames, any sense of government order no longer exists and everything around you is in total chaos. Your family is probably also either scattered or dead. You don’t know who to trust or who to keep an eye on, sounds like a living hell right?




Wrong, it’s goddamn awesome and even though the thought of a real outbreak only exists in fantasy, Zedtown probably is the closest thing you’ll ever get to the real deal. Located at Sydney Olympic Park over a 4km square mile radius and with over 750 participants what’s not to love?

How it works is that you rock up with a Nerf gun and deck yourself out with as much ammo as you can carry, an original zombie or ‘O.Z’ is chosen and the participants are let out into the urban jungle that is Sydney Olympic Park.

The ultimate goal for the survivors is to last from 2pm to 9pm and make their way to a designated evac zone. Zombies can infect other zombies through touch and ‘humans’ can defend themselves with said Nerf guns. If zombies are hit by a Nerf dart they have to go back to a zombie spawn point to be reanimated.




But to add to the chaos that is a zombie outbreak, there are three designated factions this time around to make even more enemies of each other. Each faction has their own objectives and ultimate goals which can be checked in the mobile app, (players can also use the app to check their location, listen for radio announcements and see how their faction is holding up in numbers).



But you can’t just simply explain the awesomeness that is Zedtown, one must live it and I Handsome Pat am willing to share my experience, witness my life and eventual death all in the comfort of your screens, enjoy!



After being released into the area, I was able to make an alliance with a group of survivors; they wore red berets and were militaristic in nature which gave me solace. After scouting around with them for about half an hour we heard screams that a few people were being tagged by zombies.

It seems that zombies are using their small numbers to their advantage by hiding around corners and singling out unwary humans to add to their ranks. We found a couple of good location that we designated as fallback zones. Hopefully we won’t need it.




I decided to stick with these guys because their leader seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. We moved into the stadium and walked around the outskirts of the main seats when we ran into another group of survivors being chased by a few zombies, we decided to hold our ground and let the zombies run into the barrel of our guns.

We decided to move away from the stadium and somehow wandered into another faction’s base, after a heated debate with what seemed to be about 50 other survivors defending their base, they decided to let us through.

We also heard that a special ‘zombie witch’ which can’t be killed will be released into the area in less than an hour, it’s not like we didn’t need any more complications.





After holding up in an fortified area while we count our stock, we saw that more and more humans were being tagged, at this point there were about 50 zombies roaming the area, I also started hearing on the radio that there was a repellent for the witch, if we could somehow get our hands on it we might have a fighting chance.

We made our way to our factions’ base and met with another 30 or so survivors from our faction. The base seemed well fortified and when we heard that a hoard of about 50 or so zombies were heading our way, we loaded our kits and made a defensive perimeter in front of the base, we held them back pretty well until someone sighted the witch.

After that, everything went to hell and people started running, knowing that the base was lost we ran through a chokehold and hid behind some shipping containers. Unbeknownst to us, another group of survivors cleared out the area of zombies. The witch was no where to be found, I also heard from another faction member that the ‘witch repellent’ was just propaganda to keep us fighting. Nice.





We made our way back to the stadium and decided to mix with the other factions, at this point there were more zombies than humans and we needed all the help we can get, we ran into a large group of survivors trying to light some sort of beacon so that rescue can pinpoint us. I wasn’t convinced that we were about to be rescued, but before I could voice my concern a large group of zombies rushed us from the rear.



We held our ground and shot our way through, that’s when I met the witch. She ran at me and I emptied my clip into her, I thought it could slow her down, I was wrong. She lunged at me and I ran back, I grabbed one of the other red berets and ran with the other survivors to a set of bleachers to hide, I’m not so confidant in our leadership anymore.


The sun started to come down and visibility was getting low. I made a headcount and there were only about 20 of us left from the mixed group of 60+ survivors. I was low on ammo and there were only about 200 survivors still alive.

Before I could think of what to do next, that same hoard rushed again and we realized that there was nowhere else we run to, we had to fight through the hoard. I also heard that there was some sort of ‘Doof Zombie’ that had a subwoofer attached to him and he also couldn’t be killed.

We ran down the side of the bleachers and through an alleyway. It was completely dark now. I have 2 clips and 14 bullets left. I’ll be sure to make them count.




 I did another headcount and realized that there were only about a dozen of us left, the zombies were getting cocky and started probing us every few mins. We saw a group of zombies ahead of us and decided to sneak away the way we came in but before we could, we heard the sounds of the doof zombie.

He came up behind us with the biggest hoard I’ve ever seen, they stopped to examine us and we backed ourselves against a wall, we were completely surrounded, we shimmied down the wall keeping a tight perimeter, watching each others backs and popping any zombie that came close.



We realized that the zombies were just going to keep coming, we were low on ammo and tired of running. We looked at the oncoming hoard and rushed them. This ultimately scattered our group, a trusted red beret stuck behind me as we tried to use the cover of darkness to slip past the giant hoard, it was every man for himself now.

We ran into a warehouse and backed ourselves against a wall, dozens of zombies came in and stared us down, we were trapped, I looked towards my partner and accepted my fate, they rushed me and I took as many of them down as I could, I was dead. It was awesome!




It was reported that there were about 19 survivors at the end of the outbreak, the last of them made their way to an evac point and were rescued. I lasted six hours and 30 mins.

– Patrick Mendoza


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