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Zedtown invades USA
Photography by Christopher Sternawski

Zedtown invades USA

Photography: Henry Choo

With the running success still high in selected Australian cities since its inception, Zedtown announced they will tour the United States of America next year. Official dates and locations are still to be confirmed and with it, all the gaming elements will be included for the immersive experience to come. As this showcase the development of creative and technological content from Australia, the team behind Zedtown are opportunistic for things to come in the year ahead.

Andrew Garrick, managing director for Zedtown is excited, energised and anticipating what the Americans will look forward to, in terms of the NERF War gaming aspect, being brought from Australia and onto the international stage. “It’s time to take this show on the road, back to the spiritual home of the undead. The home of Dawn of the Dead, Dusk till Dawn and the Walking Dead. America Zedtown’s coming to save you.”

Photography: Henry Choo

With it, comes the technical side to enhance the gaming experience on a whole new level. Shakeera Khan – Zedtown’s Digital Director said, “ Over the last few years, our app and technology has become more and more intricate and refined – Zedtown is the only event of its kind, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with the world.”

Australia will still have their fair share of hosting to the gaming experience. Dates and location will be confirmed next year – at least it will give you some time to get yourself a new NERF weapon ready beforehand.

Photography: Henry Choo

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