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Welcome to a fun new corner of the internet!

Welcome to a fun new corner of the internet!

 Woohoo! Our very post! Thank you for being apart of the beginning of something awesome! We’ve created this space to provide you with continual coverage on everything important within the world of Cosplay and Pop Culture. (Bookmark us now if that’s your sort of thing…) The past couple of months have been pretty exciting for me. Gathering content for this site launch and pushing myself to produce some of my own, including this very post!

Patty is my name and it seems writing stuff like this is my new game, though I have always held a fascination with all things geek and cosplay, articulating it successfully for mass consumption is going to be an interesting challenge and I look forward to getting your feedback on both the writing and the content. Speaking of exciting content, along with what you can see right now there is a LOT more to come including interviews with all kinds of fascinating people who do amazing things with cosplay, photography and more.

I even managed to attend an event in my first official capacity as a ‘reporter’ for beyondcosplay, a cute little film festival hosted and curated by Electronic Arts with all the videos needing to include a reference to Battlefield 4 which made for some interesting viewing. Expect the story soon.

The next event I will be hosting myself, will be the official BEYOND COSPLAY, COSPLAY LAUNCH BBQ (BCCLBBQ#1) Sure the budget won’t be EA sized but I dare say the crowd will be just as large, with roughly 40 confirmed guests already!

What’s that? You’d like to come!the event? Ok, You’re invited! It’s going to be a COSPLAY themed BBQ where everyone invited is encouraged to turn up in their favourite costume. For some it will be a chance to try out their Supanova outfits and others maybe pulling out an old yet faithful number from the back of the wardrobe. Others will just come in their everyday get up which is also fine (but boring), its all about meeting others in the community and kicking back with a beer/non alcoholic beverage of your choice and having a good time.

The event will take take place on the 9th of June 2014, at Prince Alfred park ( behind central station in Sydney ). The park isn’t small but the brightly coloured cosplay crowd will be pretty hard to miss and it should start gathering from around 11am and break up when the sun goes down and the braver types head on to the Vivid festival and will party on through the night! You can check our ‘Upcoming Events’ page for more info.

We’ll be posting a full gallery and coverage shortly after the Launch Party happens. So bookmark us, and check back soon to be kept in the loop about the new and exciting features BeyondCosplay.com are planning, along with constant updates on general news, thoughts and industry insights within the worlds of Cosplay and Pop Culture.

To paraphrase one of the greats, Excelsior!

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