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Super Cosplay Swapmeet/Trivia Night/Dance off!

Super Cosplay Swapmeet/Trivia Night/Dance off!

A wordy title I know but it really was a packed day.

Yup, all the things!  In fact we also had a Mortal Kombat tournament, cosplay competition, candy table, sausage sizzle, tables of home mad brownies and other gourmet food

It appears now that we may have bitten off more than we could chew with attendance a little lower than the Facebook event numbers led us to believe but hell, we gave it our best shot and for a bunch of inexperienced yet eager noobs to all this I think we did pretty well..


For a start we have access to the SHH Centre for Hybrid arts (check em out over here http://shh.org.au/) which has a large private outdoor area with plenty of parking, room for stalls and nearby facilities including toilets and even showers! It was such a hot sunny day on the 12th of September that one would have thought that Summer had returned in full force and other than a few rains in the week since it probably was the first warm day in a long time, either way some of us could have been forgiven for hitting the showers at the end of it!

If anyone got a little over heated it was easy enough for them to wander into the centre proper and choose to either chill on one of the many couches and pick up a controller or hang out in the kitchen area eating some of the best pasta this side of Leichardt! Most stuck to the great outdoors though and there was a steady stream of curious locals, visiting friends and other random punters checking out what the stalls had to offer. Considering its slightly out of the way location a good twenty minute from the nearest station (Parramatta) and other than one small sign on the fence outside it was always going to be difficult to attract the kind of crowds it deserves.



There IS however a free shuttle bus from the station to the RSL right next door so with our next event on December the 5th we hope that more people use that service and of course with poster campaign targeting pop culture outlets and the surrounding neighborhood it will be interesting to see what difference that makes to overall attendance. We did have stalls in the double digits with a good variety of merchandise from wigs, to jewellry to DVD’s and graphic novels. We will be talking to lots of people over the next few months to expand on that even more and introduce and exciting new rebranding for the markets as a lot of feedback indicated that people thought it was a market purely for cosplay related props and items.

In fact we were happy to sell almost anything they liked with the cosplay aspect more of a central theme but by no means a restrictive guide to what can or cannot be sold. The artist Alex Lalon was in attendance and we couldnt help but pick up a few of his striking works of art..




Of course I picked up a few for the kids at home and probably a few dozen more DVD’s than I needed from a few of the other stalls but hey, at second hand prices who can say no?

It wasn’t bereft of the odd cosplayer either with this guy getting his medieval/steampunk Assassin look just about perfect!



As the sky darkened we moved into the main building and kicked off a few rounds of trivia with three slightly oversized teams duking it out for free passes to the dance later on in the evening. These happy guys were the victors but in the end everyone was a winner as I’ve never seen so many people laugh so hard outside of a cinema or stand up show.



After that it was time to move some furniture and clear the stage for the DJ’s, we had the crew from Team Galactic help put together an awesome line up of happy hardcore and other acts to blast the night away, they put up a valiant effort pushing themselves all the way until nearly four am!



I don’t to know what poor Luigi did to deserve this fate but the avenging spirit known as ‘The Crow’ had no mercy on this night..



Amazingly we still had quite a few people on the dance floor right up to the end and we really appreciate all the EDM lovers who showed up to make it such a great night. We would have loved to see more cosplay on the dance floor but there was still a few brave souls who got all dressed up and shook their booty till the wee hours in all sorts of crazy get ups.


Thanks to our Cyberpunk warrior cosplay above for winning the ‘best male’ award,

James Noodle is his rather cool name and he took home some original artwork from Lucas Burrows and a magic box from Michal Imielski over at http://www.mehow.com.au/ !

Below is Chelsea who won the ‘best female cosplay’ with her Green Arrow outfit, she took home a bunch of goodies from Michals magic website and some fancy scented candles, go check out her page at http://angel-hearted-being.deviantart.com/    

or her facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/Crescent-Cosplay-357896934375246/timeline/



Here’s  a slightly better shot of her looking ready to lay down some vigilante justice!



Also here’s our runner up absolutely killing it as Misty from Pokemon!



Thanks for going all out Sharah!


In the end it was a great day AND night for everyone who attended, we plan to do more events like this but with the market and dance offs on different days to make it easier to work out who is going to which event..as the facebook event link below shows we had nearly 200 marked down as going but it was impossible to tell who was going to the markets or the dance!


You can only imagine the kind of wrinkle that puts in any preparation for the big day, dates aren’t fixed yet for the dance but we look to be pushing ahead with another market on Januarary the 23rd with a live band, more games to play and definitely a lot more marketing which should help it get the numbers it deserves.

Till then we’ll keep you posted on all the other national events both big and small

Peace out fellow cosplayers!





















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