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Supanova Hip Hoth Afterparty

Supanova Hip Hoth Afterparty

Hey gang!
So obviously the biggest cosplay event in Sydney for the year is now fading into a haze of dim but happy memories but before you climb out of those post con blues lets quickly remind you why it was so much fun and drag out that bittersweet feeling for just a little bit longer..
For a start we have this here interview with the man behind the only official Supanova party in town, the one and only  J. Easterby-Wood from ‘Costume For A Charity’ who put together the Hip Hoth after party filled with big name DJ’s and prizes for cosplayers. These are regular dance events he runs for charity with another immediately following the Melbourne Oz Comic-con called the Death Star Disco, they really should be working in advertising with all these glorious puns being thrown around!
Now onto the interview..
What was the inspiration for this event?
The team behind the Costume for a Charity initiative are in the main die hard geeks/nerds that have been that way long before nerds, geeks and dare we say it even pop-culture become popular.
Now whilst we are all ‘growed’ up and on most occasions contributing positively as members of society (always one or two exceptions) and are employed within the Community services and not for profit sector (read old boring people)  we still hanker for the days of 20 sided dice and making bets on which away party member is destined to not beam back in one piece!
What has intrigued us for many years is how the community of the uncool has become the uber cool and has grown in the last 5-10 years to become a powerhouse for change, for innovation and dare I say it caring.  So when in our respective jobs we were asked to explore new ways of having Charity/not for Profit organisations become more relevant to a new generation we immediately agreed that we wanted to create something that would bring our respective passions together and out of this the Costume for a charity Initiative was born
Have you run smaller ones elsewhere or similar sized nights in other locations ?
No, this is the first year.  The organisation behind the costume for a Charity Initiative, the National Charity Event Coalition Australia, has been in the development process for about 9 months as was recently incorporated as an Association this year.  That being said a number of the crew have been fortunate enough to be part of hosting similar events when we were working at San Diego ComicCon for a number of years.  The majority of our events are managed by professional event organisers, and we just go along for the fun stuff.
Am I right in assuming this is the first dedicated cosplay live music event in Sydney?
HHHhmmmm, interesting question…..the first…possibly…..would be hard to determine, so many different Cosplay groups out there, you guys probably would know better than us….I would say that this is going to likely to become one of the biggest Cosplay events on the pop-culture calender….certainly we have been very fortunate with the support we have received in bringing this event together on behalf of our NCEC charities.
Do you see more happening with Supanova in future years?
Absolutely….have some pretty big plans for the future working in partnership with the Supanova team.  All I can say is watch this space! (space…the final..oops tangent)
Please tell us more about the charities that are involved in this event and also how you are giving back to the community and enlisting cosplayers to help you do that?
The NCEC as a model partners with between 10-15 local and /or federated Australian charities in each state.  Currently the majority of charity partners are from the ACT and Qld and most recently with NSW.  NCEC/Costume for a Charity partners include the likes of St Vinnies, Epilepsy Australia, Brain Injury Australia, Southcare, and the mental Health Foundation to name a few.
Basically whatever is raised in a state via an NCEC event is divided between the Charity partners who use the funds for ongoing services in the community.  That is what really excites us about the model, we are able to create pretty awesome events because you have 10 partners working toward making something special and the result is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.  FYI Have some fantastic October 31 events lined up for later this year!
As for enlisting cosplayers…here is the thing….something we have noticed from being on the Cosplay fringe (no pun intended) is that there are a number of really cool Cosplay groups that in and of themselves are enthusiastic, dedicated and happy to help out others but often find it hard to get the opportunity to showcase what they have and what they are capable of giving  and that is where we see ourselves, a group that has the resources and capacity because of our members to create opportunities for the Cosplay community to really shine, everybody wins.

Thanks a lot for your time J! Meanwhile we went along to the event in question, obvious enough with all the photos littered throughout this article and we can’t argue with the guy, it does have the potential to be a big event on everyone’s cosplay calender. We saw a few dozen cosplayers at most on the night but once the word gets out we should see many more at future events which of course means more fun for all of us and more help for all those important charities!
Some quick video from the night!

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