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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

For the fans, December is no longer remembered for the fat man in a red suit. December is now remembered for the night that everyone decides that watching a movie is more important than sleep and work the next day. December this year – specifically the 14th – an annual pilgrimage to the theatre to watch and amaze, that is, Star Wars.

The Last Jedi is the eighth instalment of what is now going on forty years of film making. Yes, we have had a few long years of waiting between trilogies but we finally have the last of the series.

If you were expecting answers from this film, you aren’t going to get them here!

In the beginning, I honestly expected to be disappointed like I was with The Force Awakens. The opening title scroll had me face palming over and over again. My thoughts, “Oh my god! This is going to be Empire Strikes back [all over again].”

Thankfully, it wasn’t. After a few minutes, it rolled into a new story with some quick answers between Luke and Rey, and Fin and Poe. Cliff-hangers are great but I just don’t think they were answered very well. It was mildly anticlimactic and the lame attempt at humour failed miserably.

Director and Writer Rian Johnson had one job – Make The Last Jedi better than The Force Awakens. In my mind, that really wasn’t that hard. He captured just enough story, emotion and explosions to make fans happy. But in two hours and thirty-two minutes, that’s more than enough time to do that.

It was great to see Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) signing off her final role. But as always, there were a few surprises where I was exclaimed, “NOOOO!!!! Please don’t hurt the princess!” The Director and writers didn’t disappoint. This was a dedication.

Mark Hamill finally comes back to the story in remarkable fashion as Luke Skywalker the Jedi Master. As we remember from the end of The Force Awakens, Rey (Daisy Ridley) found Luke and wanted to be trained by him. The pain that Luke feels from the loss of the Jedi Academy at the Hands of Kylo Ren is portrayed on the screen as good as I think anyone could portray. Hamill really captured the pain and anguish we needed to see so we know WHY he doesn’t want to train Rey.
But in the end, when a lumberjack with no training can beat a self-proclaimed Sith, who really needs to be trained by a Jedi Master? Ooh controversy (Rey versus Kylo in The Force Awakens)!

Yes, from someone with as much training as I’ve had with weapons, I’m greatly disappointed with the lightsabre battles in this film, as I was with the fights in The Force Awakens. Honestly, did Kylo (Ben) pay absolutely no attention to Luke in the years he spent training with him enough to beat someone with literally zero training with the lightsabre and knowledge of the Force? Clearly not. Even Snoke mentions it to Kylo which I certainly laughed at.
Other battles like the rematch of Fin and Phasma was all too short for the build-up but it was still good to see that one rivalry received a conclusion.
From a cosplay perspective, the Star Wars movies haven’t changed at all. The detail is still top shelf, the special effects and makeup just get better and when scars need to go on a face, it’s perfect. Outside of that there isn’t much to say.

To jump back into the gripes – let’s mention Snoke, the seemingly super powerful supreme leader of the First Order. In The Force Awakens, we learnt nothing about him and all we saw, was a projection (as we did in a New Hope with the Emperor). My problem with The Last Jedi is that again, we learn nothing about him other than he can actually control the force. He uses a little lightning and levitates things – not really the badass Sith lord of the old republic era (Darth Revan and Malak for example).

But hey, from what I know, he’s not actually a “Sith” lord (and neither is Kylo). So it has to be expected that they wouldn’t be as powerful as previous Sith lords.

This certainly wasn’t Empire Strikes Back, but it wasn’t as bad as The Force Awakens. It sits happily in the middle as an acceptable bridge between two other films which will hopefully complete a story in a fashion that makes all three generations of Star Wars fans happy. Regardless of how it ends, Luke, Leia and Han will always be the heroes of the galaxy far, far away. They will always hold a special place in our hearts for a long time even once they are gone.

May the Force be with you, Always

Article by Revan Smith

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