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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review


With the most anticipated movie in years, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opened in Australia at midnight on the 17th December 2015. This should have been a date and time on everyone’s calendar.

So as a very excited Star Wars fan I purchased my ticket and donned my Dark Jedi costume, (my Revan costume requires 2 sets of hands to get it on that I didn’t have) and headed on down to SouthBank Cineplex to see the premiere.

As an avid cosplayer I was hoping that there would be a plethora of cosplayers and fans that I would be able to take photos of, and talk to about cosplay and Star Wars, but alas, the costumes were few and far between.

I did however manage to talk to a family who were all very excited about the movie and had even dressed for the occasion.


We have Glenn as Kit Fisto, Natalie as Leia, Lorinda as Padme, Daniel as Luke, Cassandra as Rey, and Jennifer as Shaak Ti

It’s great to see that even in Brisbane people get dressed up for a movie premier. There were however a few people having a bit of a laugh.

But you’re not here to read about cosplay. You want to read about the movie. Because here at Beyond Cosplay we like to do things different, I’m not going to follow the basic formula for this review due to the nature of spoilers and the like.

So first off, let’s talk about the return of some characters.


It’s great to know that there were a lot more physical sets this time around, going back to the old way of doing things. However I’m not sure I really noticed it that much.

Certainly watching Han Solo and Chewbacca running down a corridor (without giving away too much) still looked like a green screen. this was mildly distracting. It could have been because it was watched in 3D, or it could have been that I was just being too analytical about the movie, but with all the talk about it being full sets and real, it actually looked more fake than a green screen.

And even though the large sets were in fact large sets, they were still set in deserts, forests, and basic settings. Nothing like the elaborate Coruscant. Or even Naboo. But it was set 23 years after the last movie… So things certainly wouldn’t be as pretty as the prequels. I was honestly excited when i heard about the use of full sets I wanted to see the cities I just mentioned… But it never happened.


Once again the costumes used in the movies look amazing. The storm troopers with their “First Order” revamp add a new dynamic to the movies and help to introduce the new character Fin, who we have all seen in the trailers.

The costumes outside of the First Order (like Rey and Han) really expand on the use of HD cameras. The detail in their costumes to look authentic are amazing…. However… For those who saw it. At the end… I noticed a cosplay trick of using safety pins to hold a cloak on to someone’s shoulders. Very very obvious.

The ships. Well…. We didn’t really get anything new. Certainly a colour revamp. Somehow the TIE fighters got a bit of a visit from “Pimp My Ride” and ended up with chrome sides and a red black stripe paint job. I’m sure Xzibit would be proud of a Sci-Fi franchise taking on some pimpin’ skills.



So was this movie all it was hyped up to be? I’m going to say… Unfortunately not. The missing 23 years certainly made for a lot of info to miss out on and they didn’t do a great job of explaining it.

The biggest problem i had was that Disney announcing that ALL EU (expanded Universe) was no longer cannon. It caused a bit of an uproar when it was announced. But going into a cinema remembering “I know nothing about whats happened since ROJ” kind of left me a little lost. I know there was speculation as to who Kylo Ren was, but the Supreme Leader Snoke….. Absolute ZERO explanation as to where he came from or why he controls the empire. I know it’s all about mystery and they did the same with the emperor… but still. Something would have been good other than a name. It seems like a very similar formula to the original trilogy…

maybe I was being to analytical. but in my opinion it was just ANH with new characters. It was the same formula.

Also.. As someone who prides himself on being good with a lightsaber, I have to say the severe lack of lightsaber duels was annoying. Duel Of Mustafar is still by far the greatest battle of all time. Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor knew that duel off by heart. The effort put in was immense. TFA… Looks like it was choreographed by an amateur drama class. Kylo should have NEVER been cut by Rey or Fin. I understand it was setting up the next two movies… But please…

Will I cop flack and backlash for these comments? Probably. Just remember. Darth Revan was one of the most powerful Force users of all time. I would have made Kylo Ren my bitch!

~ Revan

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