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Spotlight on.. Karachiel & Lady of Barians

Spotlight on.. Karachiel & Lady of Barians

Karachiel & Lady of Barians

This is the first in a series of ‘Spotlights’ on cosplayers all around the world, today we are talking to the lovely Karachiel and ‘Lady of Barians’.  Read on and don’t forget to like their page!



Where are you from?
Karachiel is from Germany
Lady of Barians is from Greece

When did you first begin cosplay/modelling?
Karachiel started on 2007 and Lady of Barians who was influenced by Karachiel started on 2012

Which is your favourite Character to cosplay?
So far our favourite cosplay is Kamui and Subaru from Tsubasa : Tokyo Revelations (their vampire outfits)

Which Character would you most like to cosplay next?
We have a loot of plans for 2016 (you can check out our page we have a list of them there) but our priority right now is Kamui Shirou and Fuuma Monou from X/1999



Do you have any Special Interests outside cosplay/modelling?
Our time is split between cosplay,work and studies which sometimes is more stressful than it sounds,Lady of Barians also plays volleyball

Which has been your most challenging character/ shoot?
The Kimono’s of Seishiro Sakurazuka and Subaru Sumeragi from X/1999 was the most challenging so far,we aimed for the details,also the props were pretty hard to make and the shoot as well was diffcult because of the cold we faced and the fact that we needed to be barefoot.


What is your favorite fandom?

Next convention you plan on attending?
Karachiel will be at LBM by her own and together we’ll be at ComicDom Athens

Have you had any crazy fan moments(either fans of yours or fan girling to a favorite celebrity)?
So here’s the thing everyone says that Lady of Barians actually looks like real life Hanji from Shingeki no Kyojin,i also cosplay her but once while i was dressed as her i had two people to stalk me around,it was kind of creepy until i scared them away xD
Also Karachiel cosplays as Krista from Shingeki no Kyojin and nobody could believe that this little girl is actually 27 years old while looking like….12 xD



What has been your most memorable moment at a convention?
LBM 2014 for sure! we were there as Eternal Sailor Uranus and Eternal Sailor Neptune and we were surprised by the people asking for photos and photoshoots,we didn’t have time to breath back then but we had a lot of fun!

Do you have any nerd tattoos or Special collectibles/ figurines that you love?
well…..Karachiel has about 10 tattoos that all of them have to do with anime/manga or japanese artistis!
same goes for Lady of Barians,i have 4 tattoos about my favourite mangas,our last tattoo is a matching tattoo from Clamp



Who is your favorite cosplayer?
ahahaha okay no joke xD
we don’t really have one but if we need to pick one we’d say that we admire a lot Baozi & Hana mostly because they kind remind us of us (someone told us that we’re the female versions of them xD) and because we adore their Touya and Yukito!

Well thanks guys, good luck with your cosplays and we hope to see more soon!


Photo by Cassiel Cosplay Photography



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