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Sea of thieves

Sea of thieves

Yo-ho, yo-ho a pirate’s life for me!

Enlist a crew, raise the anchor and set sail in this expansive open world title from renowned game studio – Rare.

I remember seeing the trailer for this game when visitig EBExpo last year and have been intrigued ever since.

Labelled a Pirate MMO, Sea of Thieves boasts, “Everything you need to live your pirate life.”

From firing yourself from a cannon to projectile vomiting and stumbling around intoxicated, this game seemingly has it all…..or does it?

Boasting charming, beautifully simple graphics and a seafarers dream score, it certainly looks and feels the part.

Sea of Thieves is best played with friends in order to make voyages (quests) to islands where you fight the same enemies and retrieve chests for very little profit. Seem less like a chore and more like an adventure.

A crew that plays together stays together…..or sinks together. While musical instruments cannot determine how well you sail, they sure sound cool when you and your crew all play Hurdy Gurdy’s or Sailor Contertina’s together. Whether you play above water, under water or while drunk, everyone plays in perfect unison. Try sinking a ship and playing as it goes down.

In true pirate spirit, the 60-odd achievements have riddles attached to them to make you ponder the requirements for completion.

Many hands make light work as sailing can be perilous, various mechanics and weather conditions can greatly impede your progress. From checking the map to navigating with a compass, ensuring there is wind in your sails and your anchor isn’t holding you back. A storm could send you in circles, literally.

Sharks are terrifying… End of story

If you do get sent to Davey Jones’s locker, the ferry of the damned will carry you back from the other side. You may run into some other poor unfortunate souls while you’re aboard. Thankfully all you have to pay the ferryman is a little of your time, not your well earned gold.

Add a peg-leg, an eyepatch or a hook for a hand and regale your crew with the legend of how you lost it.

The pirates aren’t exactly the prettiest looking bunch, not that I would expect them to be as the pirate life is expensive, customising your gear, attire and and ship is pricey. Well at least the booze is always free flowing and there’s plenty of bananas around to fight off the scurvy.

Bounty from treasure hunting is divided evenly so there is no need for mutiny. Besides, there are occasionally other pirates (players) that are more than willing to relieve you of your loot.

While currently seeming to lack content past treasure hunting and kraken fighting there is hope for the future with potential new voyages and some bug fixes on the way. I’m crossing my fingers for interactive pets.

Rare have mentioned their pure intentions on making the DLC free in an article posted on the website.

“As we add additional stuff to the game down the line, there’s no intent to charge for the content updates – there’s no season pass, there are no DLC packs, that stuff will be delivered for free, we don’t want to separate our players.”

The game has been widely accepted and is cross platform for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Available as of the 20th of March, Sea of thieves is worth a play, and has been released on the Xbox Game pass subscription.

All images from seaofthieves.com

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