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Review: Mortal Kombat X (XBox One)

Review: Mortal Kombat X (XBox One)

Review: Mortal Kombat X (XBox One)

Just when you thought people had stopped trying to be cool by using roman numerals in games and movies, the amazing and brilliant game developers “NetherRealm Studios” finally release Mortal Kombat X.

Yes, this is actually the tenth installment of the amazing franchise that started all the way back in my childhood of 1992. With its side view layout and (back then) extremely graphic blood and fatalities. Even back then, in Australia, we had the “edited” version in the arcades that had the blood spatter removed. But as with a lot of games back then, there were cheat codes to bring back the blood in the “home” versions.

But alas, we have evolved, and so has the blood, gore, and realism in this new installment.
Right from the beginning (after waiting for a 2.9GB download/update on release day) I was simply blown away. The build up for this game has been monstrous since its title release in June 2014 and I’ve been waiting since that date to get back into some childhood memories.

The opening cinematics are pristine.

Every detail seems to have been checked and double checked. The colour, although it is supposed to be “invasion” gloomy, still gives you that sense that this game was designed to be real eye candy.


Once the updates were done I decided I’d do what I always do with new games, and that’s jump straight into the story mode.

The story starts out with you playing as Johnny Cage. The story mode is rather bitter sweet. As the story is great, with amazing graphics, but as to be expected, the dialogue is a little loose and sort of lacks anything new. It’s still simply some bad guy is trying to take over EarthRealm. And then it gets to the fighting… I think the first fight after the start of the story took about 4 minutes to get to. Which was fine. It was four fights with some well known characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, an old friend Jax and then the evil Shinnok.

Once completing this, I decided it was time to get online and test my skills against some human opponents. Online takes a while between matches but I won my first 2 matches against people who were apparently better than me.

I was quite surprised how easily I picked this game up with the moves, as I was getting hard core flash backs from the old days. Liu Kang’s moves haven’t changed. Neither have Scorpion’s. Which made the learning curve so much faster. I however, was lucky enough to actually win my first 2 online matches.

From there I started hitting the plethora of game modes, even with the iconic “Test Your Might” with which once again bought back memories of the Olympic Games games where you have to rapidly smash the buttons then pull the trigger to execute the strike. After I figured out how to hold the controller I managed to get right to the top and actually finish the whole thing. Happy days!

This game certainly has the ability to be a long lasting game with its great online component and Faction Wars, and with the various professional tournaments going on around the world its likely Mortal Kombat X will be at the top of everyone’s coffee tables for a long time to come.

While at Gold Coast Supanova I managed to get a few minutes with the amazing voice actor Richard Epcar who has given us the voice of the God of Thunder since 2008.


Interview with Richard Epcar

Thank you for your time Richard, I was just wondering how you felt about the whole experience working with the Mortal Kombat X team and working on this game.

I’ve done this character for a while now.

I started in Mortal Kombat Vs DC universe, I also played the Joker in that as well. Thank god these guys from NetherRealm studios love me! They brought me in to the Joker in Injustice, and then again for the following Mortal Kombat, and then the new Mortal Kombat X.

I’ve been watching some of the scenes on YouTube and I think it looks fantastic. Its very nice and I’m very thrilled to be a part of this franchise.

So during the story modes, did you actually get to see the scenes you were voicing or was it layered on afterwards?

No, we record the dialogue, and then animate to our vocal tracks, so we don’t get to see any of it, that’s why I’ve had to see it on YouTube.

Would you like to work on another Mortal Kombat if NetherRealm decide to create another one?

Of course!

Thank you for your time Richard.


So does this Mortal Kombat out do all previous versions?

Bloody oath..with lots and lots of blood.

And as a dark lord of the Sith I promote the use of violence in video games. Because wouldn’t you rather rip someones head off in a game, and not in real life..?

I know I would!

– Revan

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