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Propbuilders and Costume Masters Database

Theres no shame in asking for help and none at all at paying those who provide it, here we provide a handy reference for anyone who wants to commission the best in the business!

We’re keeping it mostly to Australia for now but anyone further afield that wants to be added to the database simply get in touch via ourĀ Facebook page and we’ll throw you into the mix, so far we have four of the best Aussie prop masters who are still taking orders!


Wasted Props

A renowned builder of props of all sizes and shapes, take a number and get in line for the highest quality gear from this master crafter!

Combustible Props

Check out this page for examples of some of the most stunning props created in the country.



Safety 3rd Props

A Western Sydney based bloke who knows out to put together a thing or two, hit him up for a wasteland friendly prop at a very reasonable price.

Here is an example of a few things he can throw together over a weekend..



Johnson Arms Props

Superb Craftsmanship from one of the best, worth looking him up for all your armour needs.


Sid Garrand’s Nightmare Armor

A true artist and one we have used ourselves for this very detailed and tough as nails Fallout inspired Power Amour!


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