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OZCC comes to Sydney!

OZCC comes to Sydney!

Sydney Oz Comic Con 2018 Wrap up!

On a sunny September weekend just as the school holidays begun , the International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour hosted Oz Comic-Con Sydney.

It’s an annual event that has become a mecca for geeks, artists and fans from all walks of life. If there is anything on a screen or between two covers that moves your heart then you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something at the convention that makes it beat even faster with excitement.

Whether its merchandise celebrating the show, artwork portraying your favourite characters, a cosplayer doing the same or even one of the actors or writers and artists involved in creating the fandom itself.

It’s one place where inspiring actors, carefully crafted cosplay, authors, artists, game developers and fans can all come together to share their love of pop culture.

Among the visiting screen legends this year were Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Daddario, Nathaniel Buzolic, Cary Elwes, Clare Kramer and Dichen Lachman.
They and many other luminaries hosted panels, signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.



Other panels discussed tips on how to create your best cosplay ever, writing techniques and many other topics.

One of the most famous guests in the cosplay world was Yaya Han, flown all the way over from California, she is arguably the most well known cosplayer in the world and when you see her back catalogue of costumes it’s pretty clear why.

Sponsored by Spotlight and selling her own boutique range of fabric there was always a long line of fans waiting to have their moment with her and she was always smiling and gracious with her time.

She was also a judge at the ‘Champions of Cosplay’, along with Ameno Kitarou ( last years winner ) and Breathless-Ness Cosplay ( who hosted the Jill of All Trades: Cosplay Troubleshooting panel) .
This event saw not just the Sydney finals but also the National Championship and the trophies were handed out as shown below.

Cherry Lane Cosplay for Best in Sewing/ Needlework Award

Sputnik Cosplay won the wild card prize as Rapunzel

Lydia Bendikov/Lilla Bee cosplay won best armour AND best overall for Sydney!

5NOV Creations won best FX with his amazing and ridiculously tall Warhammer suit!

The Dingo ate my Cosplay won best in Australia with judges agog at her attention to detail and style!

Another event worth mentioning and held in partnership with OZCC was the Nintendo sponsored ‘ Play World‘ , aimed at the much younger crowd this was a smaller but very slick hall jam packed with activities for toddlers and kids up to about 12.

With a main stage constantly rotating high energy acts such as PJ Mask, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duggee and more. They had pretty much all the kids favourites except the Wiggles!

When the kids weren’t being wowed by the performers they could chase bubbles, learn yoga, have nerf battles,  build giant towers made from wooden blocks or over sized Lego, draw or dress up, dig Dinosaurs out of pits, shoot Hot Wheels cars down ramps and so much more!

The list of things they could do was endless and while the $35 door entry might seem steep, when combined with the OZ CC tickets and given how much there was to do we found it reasonable.


If anything, back downstairs at the Comic Con there was almost TOO much to do.   A great way to keep track of all this fun is to login to the OZ Comic Con app which was recently released with little fanfare.  I only found out about it after the convention so it was too late to help me but I will definitely make sure I have it installed for the next con.

There were announcements occasionally on the loudspeakers mentioning impending things to see and do but they were often drowned out by the noise of the crowd so more ways of informing con goers of whats on and where would be great, more signage could never go astray!

Otherwise it was a fantastic weekend and as far as we could tell went off without a hitch, the team behind it is clearly settling in and making full use of the space. Lines seemed better organised than last year so lessons are being learnt.

There were no issues with photography complained about on social media in the days to follow so clearly a chat with security was had following some tension at the RTX event in March, in fact a lot of the photographers who usually roam the halls were given plenty of space inside the main hall to shoot their subjects.

Large and high quality back drops provided some serious production value for talents such as ‘Steam Kittens‘ and ‘Mumei‘ to do their thing.
We stayed on the move so as to take in as much of the event as possible but still managed to grab a few shots.
Check out the rest over here!


So that’s it, the last OZ Comic Con of the year and by far my favourite cosplay friendly event in Sydney in 2018.
I hope you also enjoyed it but if you didnt make it then do make sure you clear your schedule in 2019. It’s going to be back bigger than ever!

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