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OZ Comic Con Brisbane 2017 wrap up

OZ Comic Con Brisbane 2017 wrap up

Everyone loves Brisbane. that’s obvious by the 3.6% growth on average over the last 5 years. people are moving to Brisbane for the weather, work, and lifestyle. I moved here myself from Sydney to get a piece of the action. So when OZ Comic Con comes to town you know it’s going to put on a show.

Beyond Cosplay went all out for this convention. Many of you may have seen us running around in our new amazing T-shirts looking all professional. but we weren’t the only ones. so many cosplayers in Brisbane have essentially had 6 months since the last con in Queensland and arrived with some stupendous costumes.

Saturday held the new format of a cosplay competition called Cosplay Active. there was limited information about what it involved but it was essentially the local comp for people who may not be ready or willing to take part  in the national competition.

The Cosplay Active competition was by no means a low quality competition. the various cosplays were astounding. so many techniques that i still don’t know how to do were present in their costumes.

But as for anything live and on stage, when you’re given lemons…. you make fun of yourself and make everyone laugh. which is exactly what happened when one group, hoping to do a skit called “Manos the hands of fate” got up on stage and instead of their audio track coming on, the music from the previous skit came on… the two cosplayers stood there looking at each other and then the master started dancing. which made everyone laugh, because it totally wasn’t their track and they decided to make the best of a terrible situation.

Catching up with “the Master” after the competition, I learned that their skit was a series of funny one liners based on the movie “Manos the hands of fate 1967” i was quite disappointed i didn’t get to see it but these things happen.

As always there were a few different categories people could enter and that gives us winners.

Best Skit – Unappreciated support class with Mercy and the medic

Best Group – Bermuda with the k-pop group

Best Craftsmanship – Zub Kitty Cosplay with Cinderella

Best overall – Radar Overhead with peach (my apologies if i have spelt the name wrong)


After an extremely productive and tiring day on Saturday, Beyond cosplay backed it up on Sunday with and interview with QZ racing’s Marketing Manager Ben Sorensen, who i must say, would be an amazing boss to have. full of whit, and jokes and a brain to match. Check out our Video interview to learn more. but the response we are getting about the chairs is that they are comfortable, which is great.



Sunday was the “shopping day” the day where we got to actually walk the con floor like a regular person and look at all the art and wares the vendors had to offer.

Talking to may of the artists we have run into previously, we started asking about some of the more regular artists we are used to seeing. their response was simply that the vetting process this year was a lot more in-depth and some people just didn’t have enough time to organise everything they needed to pass. this did however open up to some new talent showing their skills, and we are sure that new friendships were forged over the weekend. in the end, that’s what a convention is for right? its why we keep coming back year after year.

The wares vendors were back with everything we have come to expect from a convention. i didn’t see anything controversial, weird (aside from a few cuddle pillows and one risque flag/banner of an anime girl) which i didn’t see as anything out of the ordinary.

The layout in Brisbane was well thought out. we had use of hall 1 2 and 3, and everything was contained there. there was nothing in any of the upstairs rooms as with previous conventions so there was no ambiguity with entry and re-entry. once you were inside you didn’t have to leave until you wanted to go home.

The guest star signing was very easy to find with another large area used. and even if you didn’t have a map, all you needed to do was wait for the screaming and woos of the adoring fans waiting for Jason Momoa to come to his table.

Sunday held the Brisbane leg of the Champions of cosplay competition and fans and friends alike left satisfied on their fill of the amazing delights our more seasoned cosplayers had to offer.

As i always try and do, i am able to announce the winners here for those who missed it on the day.

Needle work award – Tori – Red Queen (Alice In Wonderland)

Armour award – Aurelius Armoury – Cannoness Sila from Warhammer 40k

Special effects award – Thendom cosplay – Leonardo Da Vinci Fate/ Grand Order

Wild card award – Galimaufry Cosplay – Queen Elizabeth from Shakespeare in love


THENDOM COSPLAY – Leonardo Da Vinci Fate/ Grand Order

There was no doubt the judges had an extremely difficult time picking winners on both days, but they took every element into consideration and they certainly picked well.

I will also like to make note here that the change in times for the cosplay competitions to earlier in the day (it was always set for 3pm but i mean from previous conventions) was one of the best things they could have ever done when it came to scheduling.

This ensured the hall was full, people were present and attentive, and gave the cosplayers their full attention and applause for the wonderful work and the hundreds of hours invested into their cosplays.

As time wrapped up and the convention came to an end, The entire team at Beyond Cosplay Brisbane left feeling, satisfied, happy, content, and any other word that would describe an immense satisfaction that OZCC put on a great show. proving again that they are a force to be reckoned with in the Australian pop Culture scene.

we certainly look forward to working with them again in the future.




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