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Doomfist – a new era of Overwatch

Doomfist – a new era of Overwatch

On the 27th July 2017, the newest character for Blizzard Entertainment’s 2016 game of the year – Overwatch was released. Affectionately named Doomfist, after his large gauntlet weapon that stuns and wreaks havoc on his opponents, he is the third hero in Overwatch lore to wield this weapon earning him the title of ‘The Successor’.

In a week of playing Doomfist, I have found – like the other hero’s in Overwatch – has his own strengths and weaknesses. Firstly his strengths: Doomfist is very effective at disrupting an opposing teams back line and taking out hero’s with low or less health such as Tracer or healers like Mercy. This can force uneven skirmishes. Secondly he is also quite adept at stunning and disabling tanks like Winston and Reinhardt after his shield is depleted. This hurts the team’s ability to jump on a payload or point.

Lastly, Doomfist has amazing mobility. This allows him to chain his abilities into combos to devastate a single target or utilize his ultimate ability to cause a huge Area of Effect (AOE) burst of damage to clear an area or point. While lining up the Meteor Strike you are off the map therefore invulnerable to being damaged.

Doomfist and D.VA

For all of his strengths, Doomfist also has his shortcomings. His primary fire has a lengthy reload time and his abilities require him to be close to his opponents and with only 250 health he is far from the heartiest hero on the roster. Additionally, Doomfist is a rather large target making it easy for Roadhog to hook him or Tracer to stick a pulse bomb to him and flee.

Having just being added to competitive play on Overwatch, Doomfist is going to have an interesting impact on the games current meta. I believe he could fit very well in the games current dive team mechanics featuring alongside heroes such as D.VA and Winston. Furthermore, it may force opposing teams to abandon the dive style of play and go back to a deathball strategy featuring Reinhardt or maybe even a triple tank system.

All I can say that the future of Overwatch looks bright and that Doomfist will bring a new and interesting dynamic to the game. Whether it be to the competitive player or even the casual weekend gamer. This is definitely a game that keeps itself fresh with new and exciting content releasing all the time and I for one cannot wait to see what the future holds for Overwatch.

Going head to head against Reinhardt

Pictures used with permission by Blizzard Entertainment

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