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Oran Con 2017

Oran Con 2017

On Saturday 27 May 2017, I had the pleasure of being a store holder at Oran Con 3 held at Oran Park Podium. A small con but what it lacked in size, is more than made up for in personality and entertainment. From Disney Princesses to Pirates of the Caribbean, they were out in force to instill the cosplay spirit and put a smile on the children’s faces.

Starting off with a lighthearted skit featuring Captain Jack Sparrow (Badwolf Cosplay Group) and Captain Barbosa (Dan Da Man’s Cosplay), followed by very uplifting cameos by Darth Vader (Big Z Cosplay), Princess Leia (Echo_Boogie), a rebel pilot (Fyr Mureys) and R2D2 as a matter of fact George Lucas (Iconic Studio Creations) was in attendance…..well kind of.

After being thoroughly entertained by this skit, the crowd was treated to a Disney Princess show featuring Super Showgirl Cosplay, Mirajane and myself as Belle, Aurora and Cinderella. They were joined by an adorable Beast named Zander for the finale and the crowd were delighted.

Following the Disney entertainment was the special Disney princess competition. Allowing all the little princesses to win the title of Princess of Oran Con. They also received a crown and lots of other goodies as well as a rose from beast himself. Next came a very special introduction: the DC Trinity took to the stage much to the kids delight. Superman, Batman (LC Cosplay) and of course, Wonder Woman struck a powerful pose to get the kids ready to show off their costumes.

The Disney Princesses line-up, including the villainess herself, Ursula the sea witch.

Immediately, after the kids got a chance to show off their costumes, they did not disappoint. The costumes were amazing and so varied. Not often that you see a Tiny Groot and a baby Bob the Builder in the same place at the same time. If pesky spaceship repairs are needed though, I know who I’d call.

For all the anime lovers, some more entertainment. The talented Mirajane performed a dance from the anime Love Live [ラブライブ] as Honoka. This lead into the teen portion of the competition and as always, the group showed us that the future of cosplay is indeed a bright one. Once again, there were heaps of goodies up for grabs donated by the generous sponsors and store holders.

The adult competition followed and the craftsmanship  on some of the costumes was simply breathtaking. Every time I watch an event like this, I am taken aback at what people can do with just a bit of time and ingenuity. The competition included characters such as Hawke from Dragon Age to Minnie Mouse, even an Imperial Guardsmen from Warhammer. Huge congratulations to Wade from Embrace Cosplay for placing second with his Dog Link Costume, which the kids loved. Also, Lei from Tristone Crafts for winning with his Lone Wolf Hanzo cosplay.

All in all, this convention delivers on its promise, which is a small convention with a big heart. For that, we owe thanks to the convention’s organisers: Kirkard Productions Australia, Badwolf Cosplay Group, The Chocolate Room Oran Park and Super Showgirl Cosplay. Additional thanks go out to LJ from Wolflord Works, for making sure setup happened on time and the day ran smoothly. To our judges: AFS Cosplay, The Green Duchess Cosplays and Henchwench. Additionally all the store holders that donated their time and prizes to the event.

This event is one I hope to see grow and will definitely be happy to be part of it in the coming years ahead: a stress free and indeed, one you can take the whole family too.

Sharingan Siren Cosplay

Oran Con 2017 – Photos By Mumei

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