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Independence Day: Resurgence REVIEW

Independence Day: Resurgence REVIEW

If you’re wanting a great feeling of nostalgia, you would usually look through old photos, drive a classic car or, in this case, revisit one of the greatest movies of the 90’s.

That’s exactly what Twentieth Century Fox set out to do in the most spectacular way possible.

As first mentioned, the nostalgia factor was pushed to eleven. I understand that when a writer and director take a movie from literally twenty years ago and write a new movie that’s actually set twenty years after the original, they really should briefly rehash over some of the old information so people who are new to the movie franchise who haven’t seen the original would be able to catch up quickly. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen to the extent I would have liked to have seen.

The last movie I remember seeing that managed to pull of the literal and story twenty year gap was Tron and Tron:Legacy, which I must say, I really enjoyed as it was my first movie in 3D. My word of advice to everyone reading this; watch or re-watch Independence Day(1996) with Will Smith. The amount of flash back references they make without making it clear what they were referencing was mind blowing. For example, the references to President Whitmore’s daughter and who she actually was. It just took too long to make the connection.

I thought Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a lot of flashback puns and “in jokes”, but this movie trumps all! When you see someone punch something in the face and fail… your memory will laugh as loud as possible, and simply say, “Your dad punched harder.”


But please don’t think I didn’t enjoy this movie. I loved it. With returning characters like president Whitmore, played still by the amazing Bill Pullman, one of my favourite supporting characters Dr Brackish Okun (Brent Spinner), and everyone’s favourite nerd David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum). Once again it was all about nostalgia even with the return of David’s dad Juilius Levinson (Judd Hirsch) it made me feel like I wasn’t that old….. or did it….. twenty years since the war with the aliens. I was old enough to see it when it was first released. Now there’s another one. Yep! I’m old!


So what’s happened? It’s been twenty years since the alien invasion and the ass whopping infection our heroes installed into the mothership.

Right off the bat we were very quickly bought up to speed with what has happened in the last 20 years of human evolution. World unity, no more fighting and amazing new planes that are capable of space travel.

The human race have managed to combine our new technology with alien tech to make a few kick ass cannons and guns, and incorporate that same tech into state of the art ships. Space travel is now possible and the moon is now a defense station.


But the problem with winning a battle is the loser also gets twenty years to come back to win the war.

And yes… They come back. Bigger and crankier than ever (queens tend to get that way when you kill their minions).

As I’m sure everyone has seen in the trailers. Yes, the aliens destroyed a few landmarks. From counting I still don’t think they destroyed as many as last time that we actually saw but they still make an effort to destroy enough landmarks to make everyone happy. Including plonking a 3000km wide spaceship in the Atlantic. Which just happens to defy science a little by having its own gravity.

Science lesson. Just because something is as big as the moon doesn’t mean it has its own gravity. Gravity is produced by mass. Not size. But hey, it’s a movie and it’s funny to see our fellow Englishman being sucked up into the air then dropped plummeting to their death with absolutely zero grief for the sheer loss of life.


I would usually have a little to say about the costumes but this isn’t that sort of movie. Other than the aliens in their awesome armour, seeing them holding weapons, fighting as troops and not just pilots was a nice change. But costumes? Very normal.

"Independence Day Resurgence" Global Production Event

So with all the nostalgia, aliens, planes, fighting, dying, killing, lasers and old people blowing up aliens, you would think the movie would have been called Aliens. But it wasn’t. That was already taken.

Independence Day Resurgence had everything a good wholesome family action movie needs and more. Was it everything I hoped for? Yes. Will people still find bad things to say about it? Yes (because they go out of their way to do so). Will they be the first ones we sacrifice to the aliens when they really do invade? I surely hope so.

I give Independence Day: Resurgence 7/10 laser shooting alien ships (it lost a few for a slightly soft ending).

~ Revan

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