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Henchwench Interview

Henchwench Interview

Have you ever ogled over a well known cosplayer’s work and wondered how they got to be so amazing?

The weekend just gone at Oz Comic Con Brisbane and I had the privilege of hanging out with Clare from Henchwench Cosplay.

We talked about early influences, passions and advice for anyone crazy enough to willingly take on this hobby… seriously though it’s worth it.

I will admit that at first, I was super nervous to ask Clare on an interview date with me, but she was so accommodating, amazingly kind and very down to earth.

While being known for her elaborate and gorgeous armour pieces, Clare’s professional work consists of mostly fabric costumes.

Together we praised the tutorial database that is YouTube and while a little ashamed to; Clare admitted that she thinks she may just have learnt more from YouTube than from any of her professional training at WETA workshop or NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts).

You’ll have to forgive me for mispronouncing “particle cannon” but I was so glad to hear that even cosplayers who make many amazing things also have a love-hate relationship with their most recent creation.

While she had no “appropriate” stories to share about working with Scrap Shop Props (say that ten times fast) I cannot count the amount of times we got that wrong over the weekend…

It was cool to hear about how they became friends and cosplayed together at the Overwatch World Cup for Blizzard.

“Make something out of foam… get some foam, get a knife, get contact adhesive… throw the hot glue gun away… get a heat gun for shaping your foam and from there you can conquer the world” – Henchwench 2017

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