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Gold Coast Supanova Wrap-up

Gold Coast Supanova Wrap-up

Once again the beautiful Gold Coast gave us beautiful weather and a shining sun for the annual Gold Coast Supanova. Held at the Gold coast exhibition and convention centre it was certainly easy to access by all, including the many people making the short trip from Brisbane.


With accommodation aplenty around the convention centre I found myself a cheap hotel that was only a short walk from the convention centre. Which was good because wearing Darth Revan armour is HOT!

The Friday night was more of a preliminary ticket grab for photos and signatures as is the norm for Supanova. unlike most of the other big events like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane that run the convention fully over the three days of the weekend including the Friday, GoldCoast is still only essentially 2 days. As Friday the stalls and vendors are closed and not open to the general public.

This is, in a way a good thing, as the venue itself is actually quite small compared to the bigger cities. This only allowed for a particular number of vendors, stalls and independent artists to be present, which in turn made it quite easy to see everything in one day.

I did however have an issue with the Saturday. After talking to a few other people who had attended Goldnova , Brisnova, and Sydnova, they agreed with me in saying that the venue seemed way over capacity. Being stopped for photos which as Revan, happens a lot, I felt as though I was stopping the entire venue from moving. Squeezing past people became more important than actually stopping and looking at the stalls and amazing things people had to offer. It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I actually had a chance to have a good look at the artists work and look in the stalls properly. I guess I was just lucky that I had a full weekend pass so I had enough time to do that.

Manu Bennett

The Saturday morning held some amazing panels with Manu Bennett (best known for his roles as Crixus in Sparticus:Blood and Sand, and Death Stroke in Arrow) kicking off the day, where I actually got to actually ask him a question which was great. Unfortunately, I think my question was slightly unclear, as I felt he completely missed the main focus point I was actually aiming at, but alas that is the way panels work.

He was still amazing and I think we all learnt a bit more about him than we knew before.

Christopher Lloyddoc

But the awesomeness didn’t stop there!

The next panel was of none other than Christopher Lloyd (who everyone should know played Doc Brown in Back to the Future) the auditorium was packed. There were about 300 seats there and it was totally full. He answered everyone’s questions, albeit after having the MC repeat almost every question because Mr Lloyd couldn’t hear what people were saying. There were some great recollections of past movies and his relationship with Michael J Fox, and how he got into acting.

I’m sure everyone there will remember that panel for a long time to come.




captain america

Supanova is not all about guests, photos and signatures of the superstars. Its also about the superstars of cosplay, and this year presented some amazing cosplay. Some new and fantastic costumes that had their first showing at Goldnova, and some old favourites like Beyond Cosplay’s good friend Kyle Parmley who we first met at Brisbane Supanova, then I caught up with him again at Neon Pop in Brisbane.


…and for those of you who missed me at those places, and the prizes I was giving away, there is always Sydney Supanova.


As with any Supanova, or any cosplay convention for that matter, it would not be complete without a showcase of some amazing cosplays on stage. The Saturday (from what I hear because I couldn’t get into the packed auditorium) was a great 11127472_10153271735054310_854569931617777788_nsuccess.


I did however get into the Sundays cosplay comp and see one of my fellow Beyond Cosplay  staff tearing it up on stage as Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon. (https://www.facebook.com/gallifreyacosplay?fref=ts)

Which is great to see. I’m yet to get a costume I feel is up to standard to compete although I will thank everyone who commented on my Darth Revan costume over the weekend.




There were a few points I felt were a little strange during the competition.

I was under the impression that skits were supposed to be kept to ninety seconds. There were how ever some skits that went well beyond this time limit and left me feeling like I was missing something in regards to what the skit was actually about. I do understand that people put in a lot of time and effort in creating these skits (I’m in the middle of trying to do one myself for Sydney so stay tuned to the BC Facebook page) but I think there are time limits for a reason.

What I will say is a big “congratulations” to the winners of both the standard and advanced classes. You all did an amazing job. Keep up the great work, and come back harder next time. as I know the competition will certainly be ramping up their costumes for next year!


Artist alley was a great turn out this year with many local artists taking up stalls and showing their skills. I wish I had more money to have purchased more of their stuff! But alas….journalism doesn’t pay. I know these artists were paying the bills this weekend so I hope to see them all again next year with more amazing works.


The Sunday morning provided us with some amazing weather for the annual cosplay parade from the Kurrawa Surf Club, down Victoria Avenue, and into the heart of the convention centre. If you missed it this year for what ever reason, and wondered why you didn’t join in… well anyone can join in. That’s the point. It’s a parade to let people see who DON’T go to Supanova see the amazing work that you all put into your costumes. So get out there next time and be proud to be a cosplayer.

And the extra added bonus for the parade was that it was headed by Mr Christopher Lloyd in an amazing hot rod, the DeLorean made up to look like the Back to the Future time machine, and an honour guard made up of the members of the 501st Star Wars costuming group.


As the sun set on yet another amazing day in the Gold Coast, Supanova 2015 came to a close. The bittersweet walk back to the car, filled with great memories, a bag full of photos, signatures and a few goodies I picked up along the way. Some new friends, and a whole bunch of people who didn’t know Beyond Cosplay existed.

I would like to thank everyone who posed for photos that are now up on our Facebook page, and to everyone who took one of our cards.


Look forward to seeing you all in Sydney in June.
May the Force be with you

~ Revan.

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