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Get Your Game On IN COMFORT!

Get Your Game On IN COMFORT!


With Gaming becoming increasingly mainstream, and with a console in almost every home in the modern world, gamers have always had one thing holding them back from endless hours of gaming, one thing stopping them from achieving that epic achievement.

That one thing is their butt….

Not being able to comfortably sit for long periods of time causes gamers to have more breaks (yes we all ignore the 15 minute break every 45 min to rest your eyes) and thus, less gaming time.

So we have found a solution. One Australian based company has seen a problem gamers face and worked tirelessly to come up with a solution.

ZQRacing have done just that.

Below is an interview with Marketing Director Ben Sorensen talking about their amazing, super comfortable, greatly affordable gaming and office chairs.

Click on the link below to go forth and purchase your new best friend and help an Australian company grow.

ZQ Racing chairs website link




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