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Forza 6: Review

Forza 6: Review

Forza 6: Review


After the great success of Forza 5 with the release of the Xbox one on opening day, we have all been waiting for the day when the new Forza would be released, and alas. That day is here.

forza 62

From the start we are taken straight into the world of Forza at its prime. A very expensive 2017 Ford GT whipping around the track at Circuito Do Rio De Jenero enjoying the ocean and the cobble stone roads. But don’t get too carried away looking at the scenery, this is a relatively fast race. But don’t be concerned. The breaking is done for you if you have never played Forza (or any racing game for that matter). For those veterans like myself having played EVERY Forza since the original on the Xbox, just put up with the assisted breaking and wait for the action in the second race.

supra forza

Eventually after the second race you will probably have enough XP to “spin for a prize”. Something taken from the Forza Horizon games, offering you a way to earn cars and money with every spin. Wouldn’t you know it though…. My first spin…. I win a Bughatti Veyron. Yippee!!!!

The first series we get into, is the ‘Super street’. This is introduced by a strange British guy. I was a little worried that after the cancellation of Top Gear, that we would lose the voices of their famous stars. Thankfully these fears are unfounded as after we are told about the streets of our youth, where we will be racing and the type of cars we will be racing in none other than Richard Hammond jumps in and its smiles all round.

New Features

Forza rain1

The first race is in the pouring rain at Sebring raceway. It looked great. The way the rain droplets hit the screen (or the windscreen inside the car) was amazing. When I took a corner quickly, the rain ran to that side of the screen. The part I wasn’t overly impressed with was the puddles. Yes they look cool and they add an extra element to the racing. But the puddles themselves aren’t dynamic. If it’s a wet track, then the puddles will be there.

forza rain2

No matter how many times you drive over the puddle, it will never get smaller. And it will always be in the same place every time you race on that track. There is a fun aspect that increases the difficulty, and that is the aquaplaning. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s when your car loses traction from the road and slides over the surface of the water. Causing the car to spin. If you haven’t already, try pushing a rival onto a puddle on a corner… The results are quite funny in my experience.

Is it a great system? Of course. It’s the most fun I’ve had driving in a game in the wet. Could it be better? Well I think they know that and I’m sure they are working on it.

Once again we are spoilt with a plethora of over 160 fully licensed cars, all looking their absolute best from the classics of the 1960s right through to the V8’s and F1 cars of today and even a hint of the future with the prototypes of 2017. I really don’t consider this game the rival for Gran Turismo anymore. This is a lot better. The detail in every aspect of these cars is amazing.



The set up here is no different from previous Forzas. The basic hard tweaks or quick upgrades, and then all the super fine detail for those who want to get into every nut and bolt possible to pull every microsecond out of their lap times. This is where the pure racing enthusiast foams at the jowls.

This is one for the Aussies again. The V8 Supercars, all fully customisable and with the help “Forzavista”. You can inspect every inch of the car and it even gives you some information on the car like in Forza 5. a nice trick for a little eye candy but really just a distraction for 5 seconds inbetween races. the amount of time that would have gone into this system seems staggering, considering how unimportant to the game it actually is.


Multiplayer is the one thing that makes every game last longer. Take a game like Call Of Duty for instance. If there was no multiplayer… it would last about 3 days and end up back at the shop. Although Forza 6 is certainly not like that, the single player campaighs are only a small portion of why people buy racing games. We love the hard hitting, pain scraping, profanity throwing, fun, of online racing. From the racers who can actually drive, to the 12 year old kids who just like to drive in the opposite direction to cause havoc. Everyone loves a little online action.

As always we have the leader boards, rivals, and challenge races. But this time we are given a new option. It’s called “League” it’s essentially just a leader board that changes tracks regularly and only lasts a few hours to a few days. I understand what they were trying to do but every time I tried to get into a match it would tell me there was an error connecting to the server. So hopefully this is just something I’m doing wrong and not with the game or servers itself.


In summary, Forza 6 is what everyone expected. Fast clean, seamless, detailed, racing. Which is fantastic. As far as I’m concerned the gameplay, the customisation and the feel is still the same as Forza 5 with a slightly cleaner feel. i know this game will easily replace Forza 5 as the played game on Xbox One but when will we get a racing game that looks like a real race on tv? soon I hope.


~ Revan

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