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EB Expo 2017

EB Expo 2017

EB Expo has come and gone this year and for a bit of a scene change, was held at the Gold Coast convention and exhibition centre.

Lucky enough to get a media pass for my first time ever at the expo, I headed in early Saturday morning to see the setup before the doors opened.

Like a shopping centre before a sale, the floor was quiet, save for the setup of various pre-release games awaiting the horde of eager gamers outside. I looked around in awe, a deer in the headlights if you will at all the shiny attractions.

My first choice after passing the amazing Thermaltake PC Setups and the Just Dance stage was to pick up a controller to play Uncharted on PS4.

It wasn’t long before the flood gates opened and the lines began to grow. Everyone rushing in for a chance to get hands-on experience with this year’s titles, consoles and accessories from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Razer, Thermaltake, Plantronics, Logitech, Astro, HP, Bethesda, Warner Bros, Ubisoft and more.

There was even a retro gaming setup to chill and relax, with comfy chairs supplied by our friends at ZQRacing.

Day one consisted of mostly wandering around checking out all that was on offer. Jumping into any line for a game that didn’t wrap around multiple booths, completing a Mario puzzle, attending the Microsoft games showcase and finishing off with the “just cos” cosplay competition.

Being a PC Gamer, I quickly found myself drawn to the HP Omen stage where I indulged in multiple rounds of overwatch, returning throughout the weekend to play Mercy for a chance to win passes to Blizzcon.

Day two started off a little meatier with a 15 minute demo of Assassins creed: origins in 4K on Xbox One. For someone who hasn’t played an Assassin’s Creed game in a few years, I must admit I’m intrigued.

The game handled well and looked great in 4K, even better on PC. I had a little trouble with the quest objective disappearing but part of me wonders if it was just me being a bad assassin.

Assassins Creed: Origins releases on the 27th of October for Windows 10, XBox One and PS4.

I enjoyed playing Super Lucky’s Tales and it reminds me of classics such as Bubsy, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Spyro. Super cute with a seamless title screen tutorial – this is a great family and kids choice for the holidays.

Super Lucky’s Tales releases 7th of November for Windows 10 and XBox One

At the behest and curiosity ignited from a few YouTube trailers, I tried out Cuphead. Supposedly, one of the hardest run and gun games with a technicolor finish. I lasted a grand total of 2 minutes before quitting. A word of warning, you don’t want to make a deal with the devil.

Cuphead is released on September 29th and available on Steam for PC and XBox

Revan and I had our IDs checked as we lined up to play 15 mins of SouthPark: The Fractured but Whole. All was hush-hush as Ubisoft employees worked tirelessly to ensure it keeps its R18 rating.
Exposed to one of the “most sensitive parts of the game”, I was intrigued and appalled all at once as I navigated a strip club in search of answers and some interestingly disgusting ingredients for a drink.

South Park: The fractured but whole is now release and available for Windows 10, PS4 and Xbox One.

Two other honorable mentions go to Dragonball Fighter Z for PS4, Xbox One and Windows 10 which features an interesting tag team fighting system and Pokken Tournament for the Nintendo Switch.

I have fond memories of playing Pokken on gaming machines in Japan and had a rare opportunity to face off against a rep from Nintendo. Long story short, he thrashed me but I held my own playing pikachu – not my usual choice. It’s been about six months since I’ve played and in the end, I earned a bow.

I again attended the “Just Cos” cosplay competition on Sunday where our fearless leader put on a stunning Sabre show as his namesake Darth Revan. While he didn’t take away a prize it was still fantastic to see some of the amazing costumes brought along for display.

Overall, the set up of the convention was well thought out. The lane ways were wide, easy to navigate and there was plenty of seating around for fatigued gamers to rest their thumbs and feet.

There weren’t many stores set up on the convention floor, however EB did have a loot store set up at the end of the hall which also experienced large lines and at some points, over an hour wait to get in.

Given the option, I would love to attend EB Expo next year and am hoping that they again hold it at the Gold Coast and who knows, maybe there will be an even bigger turnout.

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