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Doctor Strange Movie and cosplay review

Doctor Strange Movie and cosplay review

Over the last 20 years, we as humans have learnt so much more about the universe than in all of history combined. But what if I told you that was only the surface? What if I told you that was only the beginning?

Well in Marvel Studios 14th installment we learn there is another side to what we know. The mystic arts are real. Magic is real. And after years of “maybe” we finally got a Doctor Strange movie.


Thanks to Marvel Studios and Disney distribution, Beyond Cosplay was once again invited to one of their amazing premieres at Event Cinemas in Chermside Queensland.

As always there will be no spoilers here other than things you have already seen or potentially heard about.

So I will say this right from the start. If you go to the cinema and see this movie (or wait for the DVD) please, please do yourself a favour and watch it in 3D. I couldn’t imagine seeing this any other way. It’s probably the first movie I’ve seen where I’ve spoken to my friends and said, “That was by far the best 3D movie I’ve ever seen” and I’m not usually a fan of 3D movies, as I usually see it in 2D.

We all know Dr strange was a surgeon, an arrogant one yes but still a good surgeon. With the resultant accident leaving his hands damaged beyond repair he eventually finds himself in Kathmandu seeking the help of “The Ancient One”. But what he finds is not simply a healing of the hands, but a healing of the soul and spirit (which I think we all need at least once in our lives) and begins a new journey in his life to obtain new knowledge.

But don’t think this is simply another Avengers’ “smash everything with maximum collateral damage” type movie. This is far from it. I will admit that at one point I felt like someone was on acid when they made part of the movie. It was some sort of trippy psychedelic wormhole for the pure enjoyment of anyone clearly off their faces.


But it played spectacularly to the 3D theme of the movie. Once the trip was over it was back to the semi real world of study, learning and showing us slow motion panning in 3D.

A few times throughout the film I felt like the director and writers had an obsession with Inception (the movie) or did Inception get its idea of folding buildings and mass rolling walls and rotating rooms from the comics of Dr Strange? I would say with Dr Strange first appearing in a comic in 1963, he wins.

But the overall feel of the movie like almost any movie from the Marvel Universe, is the hero needs to become better inside than they were in the beginning. A nicer person, stronger, more selfless. Previous names that come to mind are Tony Stark (Iron Man), Peter Parker (Spiderman), Scott Lang (Ant Man) to name just a few.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr strange) gives us what I would say is one of his best performances in his career. I can only imagine how the movie would have been if Joaquin Phoenix had taken the part and tried to grow the goatee. (I assume the scar on his lip would have been covered up) for those who don’t know, Joaquin Phoenix was in talks with marvel for quite some time and even considered to be in final talks with Marvel to take the part. Me personally, I’m glad he gave it up. I loved Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and when I heard he was taking on Dr strange I was ecstatic. And he didn’t disappoint me one single bit. The way he stood, the way he evolved from a doctor with an ego to a Doctor with a soul was mesmerising. There was even a little eye candy with a very short shirtless scene which clearly showed he had been working out to get ready for the film.

Some other notable actors are Tilda Swinton (the ancient one) who pulled off the performance well even if she was bald, and gave a good spin to the typical male role from the comics. Although I think if there was more time it would have been nice to have seen a little more of what she was actually about. But the movie wasn’t about her, so whatever!

Chiwetel Ejifor (Mordo) was one of Dr Strange’s teachers and helps the good Doctor fight the Protagonist Kaecilius (Mads Mikklesen) who wants immortality and will kill everyone else to get it (seems a little crazy but we all know he’s nuts)

Overall Dr strange was there to take us into a new realm of the Marvel cinematic Universe, and did it so well that I just want to see more of what there is to offer. The avengers are nice to watch, but it’s unfortunately getting very much the same old thing each time. I really hope the next avengers movie offers something different like Dr Strange.


The cosplay:

As with most of the premieres I’ve been to I was asked if I could help in providing some cosplayers to pose at the event.

I managed to find a good cosplayer by the name of Jai ( thatjaiguycosplays on Facebook) and I managed to get a few minutes with him to ask some questions about his great Dr Strange Cosplay



So Jai, how long ago did you start your Doctor Strange cosplay?

Started it in early September. Working on it little bit at a time working on the small details. Especially after seeing the movie tonight, like the orange whip chains that he can summon. Maybe using Christmas lights and string them along my fingers.

What made you want to cosplay as Dr strange?

I am a massive marvel fan. If there is any marvel cosplay I can do I’ll do it. And I’ve got so many in my closet. I just love marvel. And the next one that came out was Doctor Strange.

Knowing that Benidict Cumberbatch was doing it. that really got me motivated to be Strange. He’s just incredible in any other role he plays.

Have you got any plans for further improvements?

Yeah, I was noticing the hair styles so I’m going to work on that. The chains, and small details I can add to it.

After seeing the movie in full and not just trailers, did you see any big differences in your costume compared to Benedict’s?

Yeah obviously mines just a small homemade costume and they have multi million dollars to work on costumes. There are a lot of details that I don’t think I’ll ever add to it but people get the gist of what I’m trying to do.

What did you think of the Movie without giving away any spoilers?

Marvel just have my full trust with any decision they make. And each time I see a new movie it gets better and better. With Doctor Strange it just took the whole previous fourteen movies of Marvel and showed a different aspect of it. It was mind bending and visually stunning and emotionally pulling at heart strings. A last note STAY UNTIL THE VERY END!!!

Thanks Jai.

So there you have it. It’s not just Beyond Cosplay that likes the movie, even Doctor Strange himself likes it.

I’m giving it a 9.5/10 for the all-out badassery of the movie and for keeping the super soppy love stories out of it. PLEASE do yourself a favour: See it in 3D! You will have a magical time!

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