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Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Take arms Guardians!

The tower has fallen and it’s time we fight back!

Ok, setting my exotic pulse rifle aside and taking my helmet off, time for the lowdown of Destiny 2. The long awaited sequel to Destiny was met with great anticipation. Especially for those who first played it, including me.

Fighting off the likes of Crota and Oryx, peace reigned a year after the SIVA Crisis. Now, a new evil arises.

Having tried the gameplay on Beta Access back in July 2017, I was impressed with the continuation of the story. Admittedly, I did enjoyed the PvE (Player versus Environment) on my warlock. Until I was fashionably kicked off the ship by the new overlord, Ghaul of the Cabal Red Faction. Fast forward to the release date, it feels like a walk in the park all over again and the story continues while more adventures await.

Ghaul has accomplished his conquest by obtaining the floating sphere, hovering above Earth. But his obsession of obtaining the power within the Traveller feels like a drag at times. Especially when I was grinding with good friends to get to our levels maxed out. The next phase of Destiny 2, however, is maxing our power levels in order to see the next phase of the story – the Curse of Osiris. Which will not be released before Christmas this year.

Good thing about playing in an open environment are the never-ending public events. Like the post reward system given from Destiny, Destiny 2 offers a token reward system at these events. It gives you the opportunity to obtain a rare legendary or exotic “Engrams” which can be dropped – you can imagine me doing a weird happy dance on my couch whenever that happens. It’s the best way to level both your character and increase the power level.

Participating in the Crucible, the weekly events (Lord Saladin and Iron Banner campaign returns for a limited time. At this point, it is uncertain when it returns) and Vanguard strikes are the many delights of PvP (Player versus Player). As much as I wanted to say, “It’s good to be back” something about it doesn’t seem right and goes against the game’s lore. Instead of the six players per team in the PVP strikes, it downgraded to four per team. Why the change still has me stumped. If it was anything as it was back in Destiny – drops especially – I’m all for it. Whatever the developers were thinking, I am not impressed. A few players I have played with – fellow cosplayers and friends – were not pleased with the gameplay of the event strikes as well.

Despite the setback, Destiny 2 is more of a hangout joint for gaming with good friends who share a common interest. Like Destiny, I will expect more from the expansion releases come Christmas.

I am suspecting a theme is happening in the gaming world. It’s as if we are going back to the origins where god’s are worshipped or feared, especially involving the lores of ancient Egypt.

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