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Get to know the cosplayer: Will-O-Wisps Cosplay
Will-O-Wisp as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw [ロリポップチェーンソー]

Get to know the cosplayer: Will-O-Wisps Cosplay

So Bec, you have been cosplaying for a little while now. When you started down the path, who did you first cosplay and what drew you into the scene?

Yep! Since 2009. I started back in primary school when I grew apart from my friends and felt quite lonely. I found cosplay through Youtube and more specifically through Twinfools. I was quite the Naruto fan and his cosplay skit videos made me really happy inside. Seeing how much fun he and his friends had in cosplay made me want to try it – So I did! My first cosplay was Hinata Hyuuga. It wasn’t the best [and] I knew nothing about wigs. But I absolutely loved it. From there, I grew the courage to try going to a convention to meet others like me. Supanova Sydney, 2010 was the point where I knew I’d be cosplaying for a very, very long time!

“My first cosplay was Hyuuga Hinata [日向 ヒナタ ]” of Naruto [ナルト]


As Lucoa [ルコア] of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid [小林さんちのメイドラゴン]


From any media, what type of characters do you like to cosplay? What makes you decide to become the character you chose?

I don’t really have a set genre, I just play and watch what I like. If I like characters from those things, I’ll just do it! I usually find a part of me in each character I cosplay and I grow really attached [laughs]. I will say though: I’m quite drawn to characters with front bangs – so much so, that I went and gave myself some too [laughs]. Oh and big ol’ bloobies, thigh highs and lots of colour!


(L-R): Catherine from the video game, Catherine; Iconic dance girl from ME!ME!ME! by Teddyloid feat. Daoko video clip; Morrigan from Capcom’s Darkstalker franchise

One of your more well-known cosplay is Meme-chan from the music video “MeMeMe!” by TeddyLoid. What is it like to jump into that Trademark Short pink dress and long flowing blue wig and the significance does Meme-chan hold to you as a character?

It’s funny, “Me!Me!Me!” is my favourite thing ever. The colours, design, music and the multitude of theories people have come up with about it and its successor. So when I cosplay Meme-chan, I feel this sudden raise of confidence and excitement. It makes me want to drop everything and just dance! It sounds odd, but Meme-chan is my favourite character. She has no personality per se, but there’s something about her that just makes me so happy inside and to be known for my Meme-chan cosplay makes me double happy!


Who is your biggest cosplay inspiration and how do they inspire you to continue cosplaying?

I have too many to count, if I’m perfectly honest. My first idol was Twinfools (since they got me into cosplay). As time went on, I found myself discovering other cosplayers like Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri, Ettelle, Stella Chuu, Aderu Kitten, Squirrel Man – there are just way too many. But I guess out of all of them, Jessica Nigri I can relate to the most. She isn’t just a pretty face: she’s funny, talented, and not afraid to be herself. She doesn’t tolerate hate and encourages people to do what they love. I really admire that and I would LOVE to meet her one day!


As a cosplayer who actively makes all their own outfits, what is the hardest costume you have put together and what made it so difficult?

Actually, I don’t make all of my costumes – and there’s nothing wrong with that! But I will say, the hardest costume I’ve put together so far would have to be Dead Master. Though I bought the dress and pants (altered to fit me better), I made everything else myself with the help of my dad. It was my first time carving large props out of insulating foam. It was a challenge to say the least, but I’m so proud of the outcome. It’s been ages since I cosplayed Dead Master and as one of my favourite characters of all time, I plan to revisit her in the future.


What future cosplays do want to spill the beans on and tell us a little bit about?

This year I have so many things planned [and] I hope I can complete them all! On this long spiralling list we have characters like Kanna Kamui (happening all thanks to my awesome Patrons), Papi the Harpy (and hopefully Miia the Lamia), Velma Dinkley, Zelda from Breath of the Wild, Widowmaker, B.VA, Witch Mercy, Devi Symmetra: It’ll be a miracle to get all of these done! There are still more on my list too!! Ahh!


Future cosplays in the works

What events can fans come meet-and-greet you in the near future?

Well, I’m definitely going to Sydney Supanova, SMASH, UOW’s Game Fest and Oz Comic Con. I’m hoping I can make it to PAX and Central Coast Comic Con too just to see what they’re like.


Where can you be found on social media so people can go support you in your cosplay Journey? 

I’m most active on my Instagram and you can find me there @will_o_wisps.

I also have a Youtube channel I hope to grow more active on after my workloads at university have died down: my channel is Will-O-Wisps. I also have a Patreon: the project I’m currently working on is all thanks to the generous people who’ve put in for it: as you can guess, it’s Will-O-Wisps as well.

If you do end up taking the time out to check my work out, thank you so much!


Article by Reece Goddard

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