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Cosplay on a Budget
Too expensive individually!

Cosplay on a Budget

When I first started to cosplay I bought all my stuff off a cosplay website with out really looking around, and it cost me sooo much more then it should have.

So let me give you some tips on how you how to shop for cosplay cheaply, and in a more friendly way than by using rogue websites.

For my example I’ve picked a popular cosplay of

Miku Hatsune

On a particular cosplay website the bits you will need for this cosplay cost US$70 for the clothing, for the wig they want US$25, the shoes are US$41 and her headphones are US$40. The total for this cosplay from a brand site is $163.91USD and US$42 for the shipping.

That’s way too much!

Too expensive individually!

Too expensive from a cosplay site!

Not gonna happen.

So make sure you shop around, find a picture of what you want. Is it a well-known character or is it harder to find?

 The more well known the character is the cheaper you will be able to find it on other cosplay sites and market sites like ebay and Taobao.

Ebay is one of my faves to search on for cosplay stuff.

This is mostly because I don’t have to translate the page (its hard for me, okay?).

So today I’ll focus on ebay shopping.

I always use ebay.com as there is a wider range than on ebay.com.au (Editor’s note: be careful if it tries to move you on to the Australian site).

I normally search for the character name or series/games/whatever for the cosplay itself and see what comes up. If its cheaper with shipping than what you have seen on other sites I buy it.

Remember to keep tabs open and compare.


For wigs you can generally just type in “long blue wig” and sort though the results to find the cheapest one. There will be a lot of sorting though to find one you really like. As always, open them in new tabs.

On ebay I found a Miku costume for 15 free shipping (the cheapest). However for her wig I didnt find any under my usual search of “long wig” so I typed in “miku wig”.

The cheapest I found was 22, free shipping. So far so good!


As for her shoes we will go with her standard ones for now, I cant find any on ebay.

I dont have a cheap price base to go off, but if you are feeling up to it you can make them as these are fairly simple and should easy to make.

You can buy just plain black slip on work shoes from Kmart or another department store and paint the sole blue.

Head Phones

Her head phones, now for these you can use foam and hot glue. Buy a cheap headset from the $2 store and mess around. Its pretty simple but time is money. On ebay I found some for 14 with free shipping (I love free shipping). Figure out how much your time is worth.


So far on ebay we‘ve spend US$51 dollars. I’m pretty happy with that, compared to the US$160 we could have spent on the cosplay store.

Before you buy anything make sure it will arrive at least 2 weeks before the convention or photo shoot that you have planned. You dont want your cosplay to arrive the day of the shoot, and to find out you need to fix some bits on it.

Remember to look around and compare. It will almost always be cheaper somewhere else, or if you are feeling really crafty, you can make it!

Annnnnd thats all I got I think, I hope this helps some people to avoid falling into the cosplay money trap like I did, and avoid spend a buttload when you only need to spend a little bit.

The more flamboyant the cosplay the most costly it will become, so be prepared for that.

Here is a pic of the cosplay I wore to a con, I didn't know what to go as so I made one up!

Here is a pic of the cosplay I wore to a con, I didn’t know what to go as so I made one up!

Charmender out!


Here are some tutorials I found on making some miku stuff.

Make-up Tutorial

Headphone Tutorial

Arm-warmer Tutorial

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