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Cosplay, finger pointing and whatnot

Cosplay, finger pointing and whatnot

The art of cosplay can be seen as many different things to different people.

Some see it as “just a hobby” that can be enjoyed from time to time, others see it as a lifestyle where they spend time and money trying to personify their specific character to it’s fullest potential. Either way, it is a growing thing; more and more people are noticing the constant growth that is cosplay.

Thanks to mainstream media the idea of cosplay is perceived in a positive light, a decade ago it was seen as viewed as something ‘weird’ or ‘nerdy’.

Going back to the first point, people enter into the hobby for different reasons.

In saying that, different ideals can spark an argument and that’s what the central issue we ask today:

Is there a right way to cosplay?

If so what is considered wrong?

There are many different perspectives of what is considered ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. One perspective is that showing skin isn’t cosplay. Another pespective argues that if you bought your costume online, it isn’t considered cosplay. Additionally, we can add in the ideals of sexism,racism, perfection and dedication. Take your pick.

1378451_536222966451776_2130462990_n “It’s good because the stigma that all cosplayers are nerdish hermits is finally starting to disappear. It’s becoming more socially acceptable and not as many people think you’re weird when you say you cosplay”.   -N.E.S Cosplay

In all honesty, does it really matter?

The whole concept of cosplay was to bring people together for their love of pop culture.

A decade ago a lone cosplayer would have been shunned for it, now that we have an established community people can come out without self doubt or shame for what they love.

Have we become Nazis, do we point the finger and shun anything that isn’t anything considered normal to us?

It maybe a fast growing community but there are still people out there that consider it weird and unnatural, and if we keep pointing fingers at each other about what is “right” and what “isn’t”, we might as well have the rest of the world shun us.

A community of people giving each other a hard time because of a conflicting perspective shouldn’t even be considered a community at all, it defeats the purpose in every sense of the word.  


“Now is the time to get into cosplaying if you’re doing it for the fame or for fun. with all the exposure and the lime light on cosplaying it’s now time for us to shine brightly and show that we are an ever growing community that has no bound no limits and nothing to stop us but ourselves.”   -Frisky2times Cosplay

These problems within cosplay culture trace back to the simplest of basic human values, that of free speech. If you don’t like something or someone, that is your opinion. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but no one has the right to place their opinion over someone else’s.

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