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Marie’s cosplay adventures at Supanova, Sydney Olympic Park
Her mini adventures at Sydnova

Marie’s cosplay adventures at Supanova, Sydney Olympic Park

A clash of assassins

It’s finally here! Supanova has descended at Sydney Olympic Park and no stone left unturned on guests, attendees, vendors, artists – both local and internationally – and of course, the cosplayers.

Initial thought of stepping out to Sydney Olympic Park on a cold, wet morning makes me want to stay indoors and curl up in my fluffy Hello Kitty onesie. Instead of that, I headed out there as Psylocke and just simply, go with the flow. Good thing about living out Western Sydney is congregating with fellow cosplayers at a train station. You have the usual onlookers wondering why everyone is all dressed up as a character from either a:

  • Superhero/heroine,
  • Anime,
  • Manga, or
  • Video game

…..and the magic word, “Supanova” was mentioned – enough to convinced a fair few that a convention is in town.


Upon arriving there, my first initial thought was taking shots of as many cosplayers on the ground – inside and out – as much as possible. The event was, as usual, bigger and spacious. Not many spots were bottle-necked at certain areas throughout the venue from it’s previous years. However, a few set backs raised:

  • The lack of seating areas for attendees, especially families and groups. I cannot say what their reason was but it sure left people sitting in areas that are deemed questionable and “unsafe” due to fire safety regulations. Daniel, we love what you have done for us in the past but arrange for more seating areas or a section for the attendees to relax their weary feet?
  • Another to add that timing of panels and guest speakers are not on schedule. Announcing it over the PA is one thing but from other conventions I have visited, perhaps an updated whiteboard – somewhere central – to keep attendees updated rather then in the dark.
  • No cloakroom to store our storage luggage (and change of clothes) while we either wonder the halls or attend photoshoots within and outside the venue. There is one for storing large props and weapons but that is not enough for those who have traveled far and wide. Especially for those who don’t drive.

Vendors and artist ally with geek wares, props and memorabilia is enough to stock your cosplay cave like no other – perhaps for next year’s convention or another along the way. Guests have not disappoint the attendees and their fans, especially with the meet-and-greet (on top of a photo opportunity) with idols in mind.


Anyone called for a medic?


For any public space, so too the message of “Cosplay is not Consent”. However, the main message is shown and displayed at the main entrance behind the information desk. But suffice to say, the message may still be ingrained on everyone’s minds around the venue. There are, unfortunately, some that got into character far too well that the manners and courtesy is non-existant. One thing that did stand out is the stall by the guys at Headspace – a mental health initiative for Australian youths. Another way for the Event Director to promote a safe haven at the venue, after his controversial comments were made in a week before the convention. I am satisfied that this encourages the youths of tomorrow that, “Being different is OK”.

For someone who is used to attending all days, mainly to explore vendors and stallholders and catching up with friends, attending for just one day is never enough.

Marie Pham

Photography by Mumei

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A multitasking mother that splits her time from parenting, building cosplays and coming up with articles whatever she comes across. Did I mentioned that she cooks?

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