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Collectormania  : Cosplay Competition 2017

Collectormania : Cosplay Competition 2017


: Western Sydneys best grass roots cosplay event! :




Taking place on the 2nd of July 2017 this ‘convention’ is more like a medium sized collectibles market with an hour put aside in the middle of the day for a cosplay competition.   There are no workshops, TV stars or artists alley.  It doesnt attract anywhere the kind of numbers that larger cons like Supanova, OZCC and the like, it doesnt even get near the numbers of medium sized conventions like ComicGong, Ironfest or Haven.

Thats perfectly fine.

What it does bring in are a dedicated band of local cosplayers who are more than happy to have somewhere close by to try out their latest costumes and hang out with friends for a few hours.  Trying to compete with the big boys would be setting it up to fail from the beginning.  No, its found its niche and services that demand quite well,  we had nearly twenty or so entrants for the competition and some of the best judges you could ask for deciding who would take home the cash.


Our judges are this years winner of ‘Supanova’ Best Overall cosplay Spartan Jenzii, none other than Evey Dantes who has a huge local and international following,  Carly Graham who constantly surprises with her on point creations and Dan Da Man who never ceases to amaze with his tireless efforts, always showing up with something fresh. This year it was a full suited Hannibal Lector strapped to a trolley ala the famous scene in Silence of the Lambs.  I swear he spent most of the day to that thing, now THAT is dedication!


We also had Peter Stein and The Green Duchess as hosts who did a great job in keeping the costumes flowing on and off the stage while extracting as much information and entertainment from each entrant as humanly possible.  Peter really knows how to rock that Joker persona and almost went toe to toe with an oversized Harlequin Teddy bear…or as she wanted to be known, Harleybear.

The duchess managed to keep them apart and calamity was avoided long enough for the competition to progress as smoothly as these things can. Though the numbers werent huge we still pulled a decent little crowd of enthusiastic supporters, amongst the usual friends and family were quite a few keen market patrons who got caught up in the fun.

In the end we had to decide on just five winners though..

Best Female  :  Ami Louise (Wonder Woman)


Collectormania’s Choice  : Cassi-D Cosplay  ( Whistle and Radix )


Best Male : Mathew Farrugia (Reinhardt from Overwatch)


Best Overall:  Hollie (Shego)


Best Junior:  Name Withheld (Kylo Ren)

Everyone received a $50 voucher for JB HiFi and a choice of SMASH or OZCC passes, best overall took home the $100 voucher.

A great time was had by all and this writer spent way too much on toys, model cars and comics before joining everyone for a post comp feed at the nearby Macca’s. Thats right, we keep it classy out here in the west folks!



I really want to thank everyone who participated, from the contestants to the judges and hosts. With time and patience the event will only thrive as long as we remember that it will never be as big as Nova and other three day wknd events that have reached critical mass.  Which is just how we like it.

Still keep an eye on our Facebook page, there is another Collectormania in October and if we climb back on the competition horse you will be the first to hear its impatient snort and stamping hooves!



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