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Beyond the Con #11

Its the beginning of August and there is a lot to talk about, amongst the smattering of Heroes (harder to come by this month) and Zeroes theres been a lot of Showbiz news from the San Diego Comic Con which I will cover as concisely as I can. First though…our Heroes!   Heroes No 1 John Cena! He recently celebrated ... Read More »

SMASH 2018!!

SMASH! Another year another action packed weekend from the team behind the Sydney Manga and Anime Show. This was SMASH’s first outing at the rebuilt international Convention Centre in Darling Harbour and the second ever event we have been to at the location since Rooster Teeth opened the batting earlier in the year. It was a significantly bigger undertaking for ... Read More »

Beyond the Con #10

Beyond The Con 10! Well we got there, ten glorious posts down and hopefully at least ten more to go. I do enjoy writing these but I really would love some feedback, literally anything at this point guys. .. guys? If its a one way street for too long I might end up a little stir crazy, like Tom Hanks ... Read More »

Bethesda E3 Stream Review!

Bethesda Softworks launched their way into E3 2018 with a bang! Being one of the biggest gaming developers they catered to their international audience by televising their E3 showcase in places all over the world. With one such place being in Sydney, Australia. Beyond Cosplay was able to attend the exciting event and take a few shots of the cosplayers ... Read More »

Beyond the Con # 9

Beyond The Con 9 9th of June 2018 Another fortnight or so and a bunch more news and people to thank or yell at in exasperation. Read on and find out the best and worst of June so far! Heroes! Benedict Cumberbatch rescues a Deliveroo! Dr Strange/Sherlock Holmes himself did something very heroic his week when the famous actor leaped ... Read More »

Beyond the Con# 8

Beyond The Con #8 25 May 2018 Another week and a bit and a whole bunch of pop culture news and interesting characters to delve into, read on as we cover this editions Heroes, Zeroes and more! Heroes! This weeks one and only.. That Tasmanian kid with the Teddy bear obsession! A bedroom that looks more like an industrial sewing ... Read More »

Beyond the Con #7

Beyond the Con #7 15th May 2018 Well its already Mid May 2018, just a few weeks away from the very middle of one of the busiest and chaotic years popculture has seen. Netflix and other streaming services like Hulu are fast cementing themselves as the new players in entertainment. Not just plucky upstarts but clearly here to stay and ... Read More »

Cosplay Catch-up with Leroy, Sharingan Siren & Tarla Trent

A convention or an event is not complete without the heart that brings it to life which is basically, the attendees: especially cosplayers. Whether you are young at heart, starting out, seasonal or veteran, the rise of the cosplay community continues to grow exponentially. Due to the costumes and characters thanks in large to the huge exposure of various fandoms, ... Read More »

Ironfest: A festival where anything goes

  Foreword by Catherine Norrie Since its beginnings in 2000 as a small art exhibition in Lithgow to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the birth of steel in Australia, Ironfest has grown into a multi-day, multi-themed, multi-faceted, eclectic festival bringing together artists, designers, makers, musicians, actors, historians, cosplayers – you name it, where pretty much anything goes. Going in, not ... Read More »

Beyond the Con #6 April 26 2018

Your fortnightly-ish breakdown of the latest news and happenings in the cosplay and popculture world. We just spin things slightly differently by giving you our three favourite things and then three we aren’t so happy about. However, I’m dropping the numbers down to two of each and adding a new feature on what we’re excited about: whether it’s on the ... Read More »