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Cars 3

Cars 3

Cars 3 is the latest installment in the Cars franchise featuring everyone’s favourite racecar, Lightning McQueen (Voiced by Owen Wilson). It’s a solid movie with well-rounded, believable characters, with plenty of jokes and witty one-liners for kids and adults. In this film we see Lightning race against his toughest competitors yet, the new generation of technology driven race cars, intimidating and angular, headlined by Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) who uses high-tech simulators to perfect his racing time, making him the fastest on the track.

After having a major crash while trying to keep up with the new competitors, Lightning loses his way, hiding in a garage until his old friends, Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) and Sally (Bonnie Hunt), drag him out and get him motivated and back into racing. On the way, he meets his new sponsor Sterling (Nathan Fillion) and Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) his new personal trainer who team up to bring him up to speed.

The animation this time around is the best I’ve seen yet. I thought some of the scenes could have been actual real world locations and not generated by very skilled animators. The mud and dirt had a sense of realism that almost replicated standing on the side of the road watching real rally cars kicking up dust and splattering mud onto the bumpers and around the tyres.
While the plot of the movie was great, keeping my friends and I entertained, about halfway through I noticed that a lot of the many many children in the theatre were running around or playing with the staircase lights, clearly losing interest during some of the more important and emotional scenes.

This seemed a little surprising as this is a movie targeted towards the younger crowd. I really liked this film, even though I hadn’t seen any of the previous movies yet. There was enough story and action to explain everyone’s place and it was quite easy to work out how everyone knew the main characters. Quite early on, I forgot that I was watching a movie about cars and became quite invested in the story, feeling sad at the heartwrenching parts, cheering for joy when Lightning won a race, and laughing my ass off when Lighting got hit in the face by a bale of hay, and then they started throwing anchors and farm equipment!


i think for anyone who hasn’t seen the previous Cars movies will still be able to take their family and enjoy this movie as a stand alone movie, but will quickly want to go bac and watch the other 2 to get a little more of the back story for the main characters. not having seen the previous two movies though will not diminish the experience of this great movie.

This may not keep your kids entertained for the whole way through, but I do recommend this movie for a family night or a cute date.

just don’t let your kids drive home or it may end up like cinema car parks did when The Fast and the Furious came out!

~ Stuart

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