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Building Lightsabers with Part Time Hero Props

Building Lightsabers with Part Time Hero Props

Shaun of Part Time Hero Props

While we are currently working on our cosplay projects for the upcoming convention season ahead – and starting to lose sleep over it – these guys came to our attention with their ambitious project ever. Shaun of Part Time Hero Props and his wonderful team have created and tested durable Lightsabers. Whether to partake in the epic battle between the light versus the dark side of the force or an additional prop to compliment your force uniform, these can outlast and withstand mock fights.

Shaun explains that obtaining necessary parts from reliable sources has been an ambitious goal since late last year.

IMG_4373Firstly, congratulations on your successful builds. What got you inspired on building these lightsabers?

Well, I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. I distinctly remember the pain of ordering two Hasbro effects Darth Maul Sabers for my cosplay in 2011. When I started Part Time Hero Props and started learning how to use the 3D printer, I decided to go into sabers part time – as there weren’t many Australian companies selling budget friendly sabers for cosplayer like us.

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With the upcoming new episodes (Episode 8: The Last Jedi) and side stories of Star Wars, I noticed that you have conducted trial-and-errors to ensure durability for the Lightsabers. Are there other components of the Lightsabers that you also consider, say sound effects and lighting for instance, and continuously improve the quality day-to-day?

For sure, I’ve got custom sounds being made for the Kickstarter and also for our fifth design that’s being released in limited runs. We will release special editions of the other lightsabers with new sounds every few months or so.

The lighting is pretty much at its premium now. But, I do have a few extra improvements to the string blades I want to make at a later date too. Such as, on-the-fly colour changing – like the base lit versions I have.

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Something I have seen on one of your previous videos – be it for either Sith or the force, I think it’s a clever idea. If, hypothetically, a DIY builder wants to get the parts from you, can they do it themselves?

Yeah, that’s right! We are setting up a DIY parts shop, with soundboards that have exclusive sound fonts to us, as well as the upcoming Nexus saber that’s designed for maximum customisability for Cosplayers, with a 40-piece shell system coming out for it!

Will you be conducting workshops at your shop and – seeing as your team have a huge presence in Brisbane – a photoshoot as well?

We held a Star Wars themed armour building workshop at Secret ID comics in December 2016 and they were interested in having us back for more! We are hoping to set up a calendar of workshops after the Kickstarter for the second half of this year on a variety of topics. We are also launching a webseries after the campaign, called Saber Sundays, where we will do saber reviews, spinning and combat tutorials with guest instructors, and talk general Star Wars news. We’ve got an International Star Wars day photoshoot lined up across May 4th and 5th – all are welcome!

Keep your eyes out for for the Kickstarter. Here’s to get you all inspired to continue building your props – whatever it maybe.

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