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Brisbane Oz Comic-Con wrap-up

Brisbane Oz Comic-Con wrap-up


Another year of conventions is almost over. As always, Brisbane decided to give 4 seasons of weather over the two days and make everyone as uncomfortable and sweaty as possible.

But that certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the Brisbaneite fans and cosplayers who have had to wait all year for their city to host Oz Comic-Con.

As with all Oz Comic-Cons in the past, we had to squeeze everything into only two days of the Saturday and Sunday. Would have the Friday night really made a difference for this gathering? Or probably not.

Lets go through this simply and break down the major aspects of the con into separate sections.

The guests:

We all know the guests are the draw card for non cosplayers and general patrons alike. This year for Brisbane I think there was a struggle to secure any big A-listers as most probably had prior commitments. This I felt had a direct affect on the number of bodies coming through the door and ticket sales.

We can have the likes of Stan Lee and Richard Dean Anderson every convention. Although these types of actors and stars do enjoy the shows, at the end of the day this is a small money maker for them compared to their actual job of being in front of the screen.

I did however get to have an amazing conversation with the wonderful and very talented Kylie Chan, author of the Dark Heavens Trilogy. Having less people than I would have normally expected to see at a convention, it opened the stars up for more time with their fans which I think a lot of people who did go actually enjoyed.

We can only hope that with everyones help next year we can suggest stars we would like to see and get them to our cons to show them how much we appreciate their hard work in entertaining us. (like Liam Mcintyre who I’m still waiting for an interview with… just saying)

The artists:

This time around I wanted to spend more time talking to the artists. As I think the general consensus from cosplayers and con goers was that the prices of the stall holders products were over priced and much the same.

I bought quite a bit of art work that I thought was really good stuff and Beyond Cosplay have even put together a YouTube Video of all the artists so you can see the great stuff they put their amazing talents to.


The stall holders:

When it comes to the normal stall holders, I think we all need to go back to what a convention was originally supposed to be about. A convention of anything was supposed to be about showcasing new ideas and products. Getting details, networking, and getting together with other people to generate new business opportunities. Myself as a journalist and small business entrepreneur use the cons to talk to people, meet people for future contacts, make new friends and learn new skills.

It seems in the last 2 or 3 years it’s moved away from this in all of our pop culture conventions and become purely about making money on the day. What they don’t seem to realise is that the bigger stalls have websites… with prices… and usually have local stores or free online shipping…


I saw a hand full of people over the weekend talking to a vendor, getting a price, going onto their phones, looking at their online store, then walking away… so I did a little digging myself and realised that they were in fact, slightly inflated and these con goers were realising that and deciding not to buy.

I will say though this was NOT the case for all stall holders. Some, as you would hope to expect, were the exact same price as their store has. So I guess if they read this, take this as a warning, jacking your prices up for a con isn’t the best way to make money at the con.


The panels:

I thought it was great the way the program was laid out with the stars and essentially a calendar for them and where they would be at any one time… on one page. It was so easy to read and compare where each star was going to be at any one time so you could organise your day. Then which stage they were on was easily colour coded, and when they were doing photo shoots.

This in the end made it so easy to know when their panels were.

In the panels, there was more than enough seating for all, weather this was good planning on the organisers part or just through a drop in numbers I cant confirm. But I did have a great time at the panels I went to and was able to hear very clearly what was being said. Even when certain writers help other up and coming writers realise their dream isn’t going to be a as easy as they thought. (sorry guys, getting published is a long hard slog even for those who have a tonne of skill and exposure)


The cosplay and cosplay comp:

Brisbane, being the last Oz Comic Con of the year as I mentioned before allows us the privilege of hosting the final of the national cosplay championships.

Every time I get to a convention I am blown away by the entrants and every year I wonder how again and again the judges pick just one winner. Then from all the state winners, they have to pick a National winner! The detail in even the entrants cosplays were crazy, if you haven’t seen our Facebook page you really should go and check out all the photos taken by our amazing new photographer to the team Stuart Moyes of Idlespark Photography


So in case you are from another state and weren’t present for the winners, or you just couldn’t get to southbank to attend, here are your winners

For the Brisbane state finals the winners were:

Best Costume: Moltres sootsuki

Best Performance: All Hail King Julian

Best Group: Basorecksia

Overall Best: Ash By Tori

And an Honorable mention went to Katnis from Wildfire Creations.

And the winner that would go on to represent Brisbane in the national Cosplay Championship: Lumin Cosplay

For the national championship there were amazing entrants, but in the end “There can be only one!”

And the winner is Henchwench as Lichborne Orc Death knight from World of Warcraft

The conclusion:


With summer starting, and the year wrapping up, we find ourselves wondering what will next year hold for us all in terms of conventions, stars, panels, and stalls. Will it be bigger, smaller, will prices once again go up for stall holders and general admission ticket buyers, or will the exhibition center help promote Brisbane and ease up on charging everyone a small fortune to attend. Well I’m not Waverider. I cant see into the future.


What I can tell you is that we here at Beyond Cosplay will do everything we can to get the stars – you our fans want and get the interviews you want. If you see a star on the line up and would like to see an interview, let us know.

Will I be going to the next OZ Comic Con? You’re damn right I will be. As media we are looked after very well and those in charge help us to give you the readers what you ask for.

So lets get everyone together and help support Oz Comic Con and make 2017 the best year yet!



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