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Blizzard’s Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers

Blizzard’s Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers

Australia has a fair share and passion of appreciating their sports. Be it the Summer and Winter Olympics, different rugby codes, V8 Supercars and European soccer. However, this time round, it’s the geeks who are putting their game face on for the highly-anticipated esport that has taken the gaming world by storm.

The Star played host to Australia’s first eSport event for Blizzard’s Overwatch World Cup qualifiers and patriotism is at an all time high. The third and final day have everyone in the center holding their breaths with anticipation, especially when the host country has local fans rooting for the home team.

Sunday’s first round introduces Sweden versus Australia. It was an adrenaline fueled rush in the first two rounds of the gaming stages. However, the final round was neck to neck and Australia lost to Sweden. The final teams for the qualifiers begins to heat up, with Australia playing against Portugal. First two rounds were tied and the final decider as to who advances into the next stage for BlizzCon begins to heat up. Home team Australia now advances to the next stage – along with Sweden – to the final stage at BlizzCon, Anaheim USA in November.

With the gaming event, there will always be cosplayers around. Henchwench, A.K Wirru, Astrokerrie, Vera Chimera, Zalaria Cosplay, Fifty Face Jayce – Props & Cosplay, Clutterfiend Cosplay, Scrap Shop Props, Piltover City Customs and newcomer, Keegan Rockley (@rockleyrock) from Canada were all dressed up as the iconic characters in various skins. Keegan, debuting his first cosplay, showcase the newest addition to the Overwatch character line up: Doomfist.

Keegan Rockley as Doomfist

Doomfist’s iconic weapon, built by Henchmen Props

Newcomer Keegan is honoured to be part of a growing cosplay community. His followers continue to grow with his debut of Overwatch’s new character line up, Doomfist. A dedicated fitness trainer with a passion for acting and a musician, he is currently traveling the world. He is still new to the world of cosplay so we will keep an eye on him on his next project, whatever it may be.

The team behind Doomfist’s build, Henchmen – comprising a joint and ambitious team from both Australia and Canada. They encompass the highs and lows of building the armour before presenting it to the anticipating crowds, especially at publicised events such as Blizzard. With all the builds, there will always be trial and errors along the way. Anatomically and comfort wise, they ensure that Keegan can manage to move around without constricting his movements while on the ground. Given the specifications from their clientele with a few months to research and build, they have been gone through extreme lengths

Making the trip over from Perth, Astrokerrie was impressive in her stealthy Talon skin Widowmaker. She completed her Widowmaker cosplay in the space of a month and a half, while juggling with life commitments and did not miss a small detail. Her decision to go with the Talon skin over all the others was simple: a favourite skin. Those heading to PAX in Melbourne in a few months will get the chance to see it as she will have it there.

I’m Not Bad, I Cosplay That Way and Sharingan Siren Cosplay, up to their usual shenanigans.

Host event review

We appreciate that an esport event has landed at our doorstep. Sharingan, AJ and I were there in attendance and we picked out the cons and pros of the event itself.


  • Well known cosplayers: Henchwench, Ameno Wirru, Astrokerrie, Vera Chimera, Zalaria Cosplay, Fifty Face Jayce – Props & Cosplay, Clutterfiend Cosplay, Scrap Shop Props, Piltover City Customs
  • Event held at The Star – close proximity to transport.
  • Ample viewing screens at various spots across the center.
  • Organised queues – crowd flow and control.
  • Great choice of seating: unreserved.
  • Makeshift support sign workshop.
  • Free inflatable clappers at entrance – if you’re the first to arrive at the door.
  • Attendees – dedicated cosplayers come full swing.



  • No schedule times. Takes a bit of guess work as which country is playing against another.
  • Not enough merchandise at the souvenir store. Limited edition items are sold out.
  • Payment methods not mentioned on the website.
  • Unclear terms and conditions regarding entry, especially props from attendees.
  • Catering is decent but choices are limited to a few items available on site.


For an eSport event, it got us motivated to up our gaming prowess and simply have fun, all at once. For some of us, who are familiar playing with first shooter games, we are hoping we can see more of these similar events on our shores in the future. For now, we can anticipate the countdown to the finals at Anaheim.

Edited with additional information by Sharingan Siren Cosplay

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