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A special Thor’s day

A special Thor’s day

2011 saw the Marvel Cinematic Universe have a thundering entrance into cinemas with the first introduction of Thor. With Chris Hemsworth leading a star studded cast, there was little that could match the films mighty power in the box office. The film opened a portal that allowed a look into an intricate storyline that was presented well with amazing visuals and complex characters that had the audiences captured from the first ten minutes. 6 years and two films later and Thor is still one of the dominating forces within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Being the second origin story released, Thor lived up to the hype of Iron Man and is one of the best origin stories to date within the universe. With the first film showing Thor’s rise to powers and the following two showing how he has dealt with the burden of his powers, on top of the weight of leadership. Power does not come easily and for Thor, he learns this the hard way. In order to respect power, one must first lose it. This is one of the most relevant themes within all three films, with it being shown in many different ways among many different people.

Chris Hemsworth returns as the God of Thunder, Thor

This week saw the release of the third film – Thor: Ragnarok, and is fast becoming one of the arguably best Marvel films to date. Marvel has exceeded the expectations of both the fans and critics with this heart wrenching film that manages to explore both dark and light themes without overstepping itself. Almost every scene has an immense tension followed by a quick comedic remark. This technique has been done twice before in the MCU with the Guardians of the Galaxy films, but adds another layer this time with the help of Cate Blanchett, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth bringing a fresh flare of wit and sarcasm.

Throughout the first two Thor films, and the Avengers, we have seen the consistent war between both Loki and Thor, which again was shown in Ragnarok. However, the film has managed to add yet another layer to their already complex relationship. The added layers has allowed for them to explore the way people deflect pain with humour, through both comedic and touching moments between the two brothers. Ragnarok has by far had the best portrayal of the brother’s feelings towards each other, adding towards the statement that it is the best Thor film to date.

Over the course of his appearances in the MCU, we have seen Thor grow both in maturity and in his power. Self discovery has, and most likely always be, the most prevalent theme in the Thor franchise, and not just within Thor himself, but the other multitude of characters found in his films. Loki’s development in Ragnarok shows a conflict of wanting to change and stay the same, making him one of the most, complex characters in the film alongside Hela who’s introduction was well placed within the film.

The creation and direction behind the film was immaculate and absolutely phenomenal, showing a step up in many areas in comparison to the previous two films. Taking a lighter direction, Ragnarok is a complete contrast to The Dark World, with an array of bright colours and characters. The costuming for the film was incredible, with everything matched exceptionally and a fine attention to even the smallest details and transitions between each outfit. Overall, the film was well brought together with meticulous direction, a wonderfully hilarious script and a well chosen cast. But like all films, there were some flaws, with timing being the main one. A fast paced film that was almost too jumpy with its transitions, leaving you feel somewhat more lost than Thor was at points.

It seems as if the God of Thunder has become one of the most loved characters, not just for his looks, but for his humour and ability to be mostly serious when called for. Fortunately, he is here to stay for the moment and will be in the next instalment of Avengers, a film all Marvel fans are holding their breath for. Time and time again, Thor has impressed us with the construction and execution of the films, adding to Marvel’s might within the industry, making them a definite force to be reckoned with. As always, it begs the question, is there going to be an MCU film that can dethrone their latest masterpiece?

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