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3010- The Righteous Path premiere

3010- The Righteous Path premiere


By Sarah ‘Gallifreya’ Minazzo

Science Fiction wouldn’t necessarily be the genre that comes to mind when you think Australian film and television, however the cast and crew of 3010 hope to change that.

On Sunday, November 8th, 3010: The Righteous Path, the short film, premiered at New Farm Cinemas in Brisbane. The short was created to showcase the possibilities of the 3010 universe as a television series, inspired by that of Game of Thrones and Chronicles of Riddick. The creative minds behind this short, Michael Rodrigues (lead actor/co-creator), Simon Harvey Smith (co-creator/director) and Sarah Dinsey (producer), plan on using this short to sell the idea of becoming a high concept filmic television series shot in Australia by Australians to rival that of Netflix and HBO exclusive shows.


The short was shot over 4 days with a budget of $30,000 and many volunteers. The budget was raised by a combination of investors and internet crowdfunding. There’s a lot of belief in this film and its concept, which was clear from the premiere attendees.


The short itself (no spoilers here!) had fantastic stunt sequences and great special effects (you can see where the budget went into with its high end production values). The world of 3010 is gritty, post-apocalyptic and reminiscent of Riddick and Book of Eli. There are also elements of Falling Skies implied with the story told. The concept short serves as an introduction to a few characters and two main protagonists for the television series.


The afterparty was then held at the Foundry where cast, crew and guests partied the night away, clinking glasses over a job well done in creating this film and in wishing good luck for the new journey ahead. We at Beyond Cosplay, also wish the 3010 cast and crew all the very best! You can check out more of the premiere’s photos at our facebook album and also check out 3010’s news, progress and more over at http://www.3010movie.com/.


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