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About Us

We are kicking off this Australian based website in mid-2014 with five goals in mind..

• Provide a medium for local and international cosplayers’, artists and photographers to come together, interact and promote themselves.

• Become THE go-to site for people who need help putting their costume together and need everything from advice on how to shop smart to full blown costume builds and tutorials.

• Build an expansive gallery of photos containing cosplay related events such as conventions, fun runs, obstacle races, zombie marches and anything else that managed to pull together a bunch of like-minded people crazy enough to dress up in something a little different for the occasion.

• Host an extensive collection of articles, interviews, features and short news updates on everything important that’s happening in the cosplay scene and beyond.
That last bit covers the geek world gamut, from anime to videogames, from live action role playing to table top gaming, from science fiction films to..well you get the idea. Basically anything that tickles the escapist nerd inside us all will get a look in.

• Finally we want to be able to give back to the community in the form of new kinds of events and regular get-togethers.
Eventually we will be able to offer prizes for outstanding costumes and artworks, in the end it’s about giving back to a hobby that gives us so much.

So there it is, as concise as I could make it anyway. Ultimately it will be all those things and more with the guiding principle or mission statement if you will of being a fun judgement free zone that enriches both the lives of cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike. If we can bring the same joy that we get from the scene to one person, whether they are a jaded cynic or a curious cosplay neophyte then our work here is done.

Now get clicking and enjoy!



  1. Hi just wanting if we can pick up or make a Black Canary Costume (Arrow )?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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